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JG 2nd February 2006 08:46

New Picture Gallery for every car on Madabout

It's been a long time coming but we've finally done it!!

Each and every car listed on Madabout-Kitcars now has a picture gallery which can hold a limitless amount of pictures for your perusal.

We are often asked for bigger and better pictures of the cars we list so now we can oblige.

Take a look here as an example of the Sumo gallery

To start the ball rolling we have uploaded over 500 images but we want more!!! We want to create the biggest repository of freely available kit car images in the world...seriously.

We intend to collect hundreds more images from the shows this year but also need your help.

Each gallery has a form which enables anyone to upload the images they have for a particular kit car, it couldn't be simpler.

For example, if you have a picture (or pictures) of a Dax Rush simply go to the Dax Rush car details page, click on the picture gallery link and then using the form on that page upload your pictures, job done.

We reckon, collectively there must be tens of thousands of kit car images sitting on peoples hard drives, so why not share them and put them up on Madabout for everyone to drool over.

Each image can have a Credit link so if you want to be credited for the image you can, this also includes a link back to your website.

Any kit car images are acceptable, the more the merrier. They don't have to be of completed cars, in fact build images are often more of use to people as they can use them as a reference when building their own car.

So lets get going, please join in and lets build a huge database of kit car images.

Cheers all


deano.1 4th March 2006 19:46

Where is the gallery at, i can't seem to find any links to it?

JG 4th March 2006 20:21


Each car has it's own picture gallery so all you need to do is go to the car details page of the car you are interested in either via the kit car search page or via the manufacturer page.

The gallery is then accessed via the 'see more pictures in the gallery' link which is under the thumbnail pictures of the car.

This is the gallery for the Westfield for example

Accessed from the Westfield kit car details page

I havn't split the Westfield up yet into it's various derivitives but it's on the list.....

Hope this helps.

Cheers, John

fastco 6th April 2006 05:34

i think the Brit term here is brillant!
Hello...John great idea on this feature of postings photos of peoples cars ..& a good way to compare differant ways people get the job done. I'll be post'n some Yankee kit builds so people can see what going on cross the pond.. Cheers!

JG 15th April 2006 12:42

Now even easier
We've now made it even easier to get to the picture galleries of each model.

We've created a 'master' gallery page which lists all the makes and models which has a direct link to each gallery.

This page is accessible from the left hand navigation as per the rest of the site content.

The gallery is still accessible from the individual car details page as well.

This should make browsing the galleries easier.

Cheers, John

chrisbarbers 26th August 2006 22:54

Hi, just a couple of pointers, you have a Red Roadster image listed under the Parallel Designs image gallery, this is in fact from DH Supercars, formerly Hand Crafted Cars and now indeed called DC Supercars, Parallel Designs do not produce a Roadster at this time.

Secondly you have several shots of the Orange Roadster belonging to Garry Biddiss in the HCC gallery which refer to it as an RD1, it isn't called an RD1 it is just the Roadster, HCC never carried over the RD1 name to their new product.

I hope this info helps make your site become as big as you aim to.

250GTcalifornia 15th July 2009 23:09

how to list a new kit car to your picture Gallery?

ampretty001 1st October 2009 01:37

Nice idea...

milos87popovic 10th May 2014 16:09

Very nice

jocki 22nd August 2014 11:11

Nice nice :)

davecymru 22nd August 2014 12:27

I've just spotted 2 missing makes (unless I'm being dim on a Friday afternoon?)


daljina 9th September 2014 14:16

Nice idea. :)

1iTim 25th May 2015 09:48

Hi, what alternatives to Photobucket are there? Can I pull the link from a Facebook post?

8 Valve Ed 25th May 2015 11:57


Originally Posted by 1iTim (Post 67405)
Hi, what alternatives to Photobucket are there? Can I pull the link from a Facebook post?

I use Flicker, it's fairly simple (needs to be for me!) and there seems to be plenty of capacity. I have quite a few pix loaded and I have hardly made a dent in my allowance.

One thought, I only post screen shots, I find the image I want to upload in Adobe Lightroom make any adjustments then I take a selective screen shot, shift+command+4 (Mac OS) which places it on my desktop; I then drag that to the upload screen of Flicker. Screen shots are good because they are usually much smaller than the raw images I store in my computer, and it saves messing about exporting JPEGS. A screen shot also strips any personal data like GPS locations or personal names etc. which are often embedded in the EXIF of a JPEG.

pompeyal 29th September 2015 10:38


Originally Posted by JG (Post 2654)

It's been a long time coming but we've finally done it!!

Each and every car listed on Madabout-Kitcars now has a picture gallery which can hold a limitless amount of pictures for your perusal.

You have missed out on the McCoy, how can pages be added to include it?

Kit 275GTB 15th January 2016 07:17

Hi John,
Have I missed something? Your listing is by manufacturer, (a) there is no "Own Design" and (b) there is no way of searching for a particular model, e.g. Ferrari 275 in my case.
Otherwise, a very welcome effort. Thanks.

7Fan7 22nd March 2017 11:07

Hey guys,

Great project you got going on! I've had a hard time myself finding pictures of certain models; especially some of those whose manufacturers have closed down over the years.
Anyway, I'm currently doing a university project regarding Lotus 7-style kit cars, together with Axon Automotive and we've designed a kit car that makes partial use of Carbon fibre for the CHASSIS.
Essentially the tub, where the passengers sit, has been replaced with carbon fibre while the front and back part of the chassis are maintained with the original steel chassis frame.
I'm conducting a very quick survey to understand your perspective on this carbon fibre tub (which is in essence a piece of innovation to a car that has not had much modifications on the chassis for at least the last 20 years). I'd really appreciate therefore if you could spare 2 minutes to answer this survey and share your thoughts. All your responses will be stored anonymously and you'll be able to find more information about the Tub in the survey itself. The link is below.

Cheers guys!


1iTim 22nd March 2017 11:35

Birkin cars (Sth African I think) did a carbon aluminium honeycomb 7.

7Fan7 22nd March 2017 11:38


Originally Posted by 1iTim (Post 86957)
Birkin cars (Sth African I think) did a carbon aluminium honeycomb 7.

Hi 1iTim,

Thanks for the information. I will have a look online and see what I can dig out on the carbon-alu 7. In the meantime, I'd be grateful if you could spare just a couple of minutes to answer the survey that I'm conducting as part of my university project for the carbon fibre tub. The link is below and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Cheers!


carnutbill 13th May 2018 21:07

On your "Kit Car Picture gallery A to Z" page you don't have
Fiberfab Valkyrie. The Valkyrie is a GT sports car introduced 1967 by a U.S. company called Fiberfab. The Valkyrie's styling was inspired by the lines of the famous Ford GT40 race car.

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