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ozi jim 7th April 2015 10:37

My car
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I purchased a frame and made everything else.
Many years and thousands of hours.
Alloy body 1.6mm took about 18mths.
Was going for a street fighter look,I wanted it to look like it had history.

I track the car,it is a good package.

redratbike 7th April 2015 13:34

here you go ...looks like fun and hats off to you

reneanglia 7th April 2015 13:43

Nice car,were you getting bored afetr the car was ready?
Nothing to do,get the spraycan out..............

ozi jim 7th April 2015 20:32

Yes I am bored.
I am planning the next project.
I was going to do a P4 Ferrari but I am leaning towards a 206 dino.


vandriver 8th April 2015 12:49

Really nice car dude, ready to pick some girls down town.

BTW, if would be even greater if you hide all those wires at the back.

reneanglia 8th April 2015 13:56

Wires?.........think it are rubber straps to hold the bonnet down.

ozi jim 8th April 2015 20:23

Tow straps.
When you go to the track you are required to have tow points front and rear.
I leave them on all the time.


vandriver 15th April 2015 08:33


Originally Posted by reneanglia (Post 65500)
Wires?.........think it are rubber straps to hold the bonnet down.

ow sorry, my bad.

daljina 23rd October 2015 10:53

Nice car

y cymro 2nd December 2015 12:54

Absolutely stunning. And the look is just great, well done

priceofhistoys 2nd December 2015 22:53

That is one hell of a ride right there!

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