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Electric SuperCar 29th September 2019 16:31

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I have made a first pass at a frame design to accommodate the Tesla subframe. Suggestions and feedback are welcome.

Electric SuperCar 6th October 2019 18:00

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I redesigned the frame. I received my batteries. Now I need to figure out where to put them.

Electric SuperCar 13th October 2019 15:28

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Wiring continues...Never been closer

Electric SuperCar 20th October 2019 16:10

Finishing up the Tesla wiring

Electric SuperCar 27th October 2019 14:56

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Finishing up the steering column and starting to design the battery boxes.

Electric SuperCar 3rd November 2019 15:15

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Lambo doors are installed (sort of)


Lucky@LeMans 3rd November 2019 20:25

Some great progress being made on your project.

Quick question on batteries, most if not all the modern electric cars out there use lithium ion cells. Is there any reason why you couldn't use lithium polymer cells that are readily available in all shapes and sizes and build your own pack ?

Electric SuperCar 3rd November 2019 23:22

Nope. You could easily use the polymer pouches. It does seem like when it comes to powering a whole car, most people opt for the more rigid modules. Not sure why.

Lucky@LeMans 4th November 2019 08:38

Only a thought as they are available with very high discharge values. I've seen 100c packs out there , that would offer performance gains over Lithium Ion.

Electric SuperCar 10th November 2019 15:14

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Progress continues, first power-up of the Tesla Motor Controller

Electric SuperCar 17th November 2019 15:07

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Figuring out pedals and panels

Electric SuperCar 24th November 2019 15:15

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Assembling the front battery box

Electric SuperCar 1st December 2019 16:00

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Attempting to start the front battery pack wiring

Electric SuperCar 8th December 2019 16:10

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Starting on the rear frame modification

Electric SuperCar 15th December 2019 21:47

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The motor is 1/2 installed.

Electric SuperCar 22nd December 2019 23:36

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Tesla Motor is installed!!!

Electric SuperCar 29th December 2019 15:49

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Working on electric battery cooling

Electric SuperCar 5th January 2020 14:40

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Frame is finished. Modifications are complete for the Tesla Motor.

Electric SuperCar 12th January 2020 14:33

Finishing up the brake lines

Electric SuperCar 12th January 2020 17:53

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Battery box is taking shape

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