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smash 4th December 2019 22:13

Trimmers in South East?
Are there any trimmers preferably in South East any one can recommend? I'm looking for headlining on SWB.

molleur 5th December 2019 01:51

Too bad you're across the pond. I have made FRP headliner parts (to be upholstered) for both of the 250's in the USA.

smash 5th December 2019 12:30

Oh wow! Be interested to see those. My problem will be working round the cage and I think removing the rear screen not viable as liable to be damaged.

molleur 5th December 2019 14:11

It will be awhile before either is fitted. Pics when it happens.

molleur 1st January 2020 20:33

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finished my parcel shelf today. Plug, mould and part.

The saga continues. Next will be large cheek trim panels (complete to above the doors)..

Jaguartvr 2nd January 2020 07:24

Hi Smash

I think you are going to have fun trimming everything with the roof on, not just the headlining. We had the roof down and the seats out and were still working in a small cramped space. I think your biggest challenge after the roof lining will be the removal and replacement of the rear bulkhead,
Good luck

smash 2nd January 2020 09:47

Hi Steve - the rear bulkhead/ shelf is already done thankfully so no problems there.

Roof lining is usually done on the coupes with rear screen out. Not sure how much of an option this is on mine as the rear screen is bonded in. The original used trimmed C post panels as opposed to stretched, free floating trim so I think it'll depends on whoever gets the job thinking about it a bit.

The full interior does make all the difference it's just a big outlay!

Are you working with a local trimmer?

lancelot link 2nd January 2020 11:59

I know hes busy and not the cheapest but he has a fantastic record of prize winning interiors and does a lot for my mate Jon at Homegrown Hotrods near you ..

smash 2nd January 2020 13:47

Just haven't got to him yet - he is just down the road. 2 other people have recommended also. I'm between registrations at the moment - waiting for new reg to hit and new plates to arrive - not so smart doing it over Xmas!

I will take car over once mobile.

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