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clinkadink 27th July 2019 19:35

I damaged one of the 32 pin sockets in the process, but managed to solder directly on to the track - so no real damage done. Locked in place with hot glue.

clinkadink 27th July 2019 19:40

I have received 2 old Smiths speedometers, bought as 'parts' off ebay. I plan to use one for the speedo, and one for the tacho.

I stripped one down and fitted the BMW Z3 workings inside. I then cut the Z3 gauge surround, and mounted it around the face of the Smiths gauge. It came with 2 analogue odometers; trip distance and total mileage. These had to be removed in order to fit the Z3 stepper motor in flush, so I cut them down, removed the number wheels, trimmed them and fixed them in place.

This is the speedo, now ready to fit.

DaveP 29th September 2019 17:51

Just reading through this again Chris.

Stupid question of the evening is :

On the side of the fabricated frame how do you do up the nuts / bolts ?

There looks to be quite a lot of overlap with the runners.


clinkadink 29th September 2019 18:45

Hi Dave,

I could access via the top (with a little difficulty) or through the end of the bar with a spanner.

To be honest, I am considering changing the design, to make them lower, and to make it easier to fit. Intead of using rectangular bar for the top and bottom horizontals, I would use flat bar. Something like this ...

molleur 29th September 2019 18:47

Brilliant! I'll make mine is this fashion, thanks.

clinkadink 29th September 2019 19:09

For anyone interested in the custom rollover hoops, I have included the dimensions I used below.

I had them made by Tom Wood, at Tube Bender.


Spec: 38.1mm OD x 2mm Wall x Stainless Steel x 240mm centres
Cost: 87.50 + 15 Delivery + VAT, about 120 delivered.

They are smaller overall radius, but the stainless steel is considerably thicker than stock and ebay aftermarket ones.

Here is one fitted through the 'washboard' style parcel shelf.

molleur 29th September 2019 19:11

Many thanks


DaveP 29th September 2019 22:49


Thanks again. The flat bar for the seat brackets makes a lot of sense.


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