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WorldClassAccident 8th June 2019 14:01

Idf we survive WW3 I wonder what paint we will be using then?

peterux 8th June 2019 16:59


Originally Posted by WorldClassAccident (Post 100757)
Idf we survive WW3 I wonder what paint we will be using then?


clinkadink 8th June 2019 21:49

Yes, a little Gouache !

DaveP 8th June 2019 21:51

Thanks for taking the trouble putting your thread up. I am really interested in seeing the look of the Kobra on the MWS wheels. Also like the overriders too.
I sprayed my build very badly with black rattle cans (matt) which made it a 100 yard paint job. Spending on a pro job has its rewards in quality but not on the wallet :(
Thanks for the binge read. Looking forward to the updates.
There are a few tributes about this area (Im in Reading and know of two in Bristol) well have to get a photo shoot one day :)
Thanks again

clinkadink 8th June 2019 21:56

Thanks DaveP, sounds like a plan :)

I know what you mean, the balance between cost and quality. I am too far in now. Hence forking out for someone else to do it.

clinkadink 8th June 2019 22:05

I wasn't 100% sure to update the interior. I have seen loads of folk leave it as-is. It is certainly tempting. But, with the car still in the spray shop (6 days to go!), I thought I'd have a go.

I went down to the spray shop, took some interior dimensions and removed my door cards. He doesn't need them.

I made a new door card out of some 4mm hardboard, using the old door card to draw round. I purposely didn't factor in the 'speaker humper', close to the front door pillar (bottom left of the existing door card below) ...

clinkadink 8th June 2019 22:09

I had about 4 metres of blue vinyl left over from the last job.

Sadly, this is all I managed to do, before I was told to go and get a curry for the family.

clinkadink 8th June 2019 22:33

If I did decide to update the interior (which it looks like I am now), I know i'd be tempted to do something with the dash. Something similar to what you see in a AC Cobra and/or replica. Granted, its a lot of work though. And more spondoolies.

Taking the dash out is relatively easy, have done quite a few (not on a Z3 mind). I am not bad at hacking into instrument clusters to tap into after market gauges and dials. I don't know at this stage what I can achieve with the stock instrument cluster.

I bought one for 20 today off ebay (as I don't have mine at present), and took a closer look ...

With the front plastic removed, there is a possibility it could sit flush behind a custom dash (ply with vinyl for example), and the rings get fixed in place from the front (with perspex/glass inserted).

The fuel gauge and temp gauge can be hidden. I can attempt to connect Lucas 2" gauges to their connector at the back. Something like these ...

I cannot see why the same cannot be done for the warning indicator strip that runs across the bottom of the Z3 cluster. Connect to each respective lamp, and run it to one of those Lucas instrument clusters.

So much for not doing the interior.

clinkadink 8th June 2019 22:40

I found a photo of the internet of a Z3 with its dash removed, to see whats what.

I can see the where the instrument cluster sits. That big horizontal bar curves up and around it. Does anyone know if this bar is structural? As far as I can tell it bolts onto the bulkhead or A pillar. Or is its sole pupose to hold the dash in place? Just wondering if it can be replaced with similar bar, but 6" closer to the windscreen.

clinkadink 8th June 2019 22:45

Using the same photo, and some dimensions I grabbed from my car, I mocked up this. It uses the original instrument cluster, heating controls, electric window switches, plus new gauges (and a retro radio!) :icon_lol:

clinkadink 9th June 2019 21:03

Just about finished a door card today. To be fair, 5 hours was spent learning how to sew with the new sewing machine.

The door card is made of 2 layers of 3mm hardboard, so the heads of the BMW fixings are hidden between the two layers.

The door opener will have a chrome surround. It sits smack back in between the inset, between the 2 stitched lines. I bought some Austin Healey 3000 handles of ebay which should look the part when fitted.

clinkadink 10th June 2019 22:08

Visited the spray shop today. He's only just started. Him and his apprentice. I asked whether he still plans to have it done by Friday and he said yes. I told him ... 'please don't rush'.

Not a lot done after work this evening. Fully finished the driver's door card.

And also wanted to see if the BMW Z3 instrument cluster could fit behind ply, with the fuel and temp gauge hidden. Below is just a mock up with a but of scrap wood.

The chrome bezels / rings are 91mm in diameter and shamferred at the bottom. I bought some replacement rings of ebay without the shamferred bottom. I'll see what that looks like.

Piguin 10th June 2019 22:16

That is going to be one amazing interior!

clinkadink 10th June 2019 22:19

Cheers! I just hope I haven't bitten off more than I chew with the dash. Haven't started on that yet - but plan to once I have the car back.

Paul L 11th June 2019 08:46

Very high tech mock up of the interior / dash. :cool:

Nice work on the door cards too and they should go well with your paint colours.

clinkadink 11th June 2019 21:01

Cheers Paul. Just now come in from the garage, doing the other door card. About 50% on that one. I find welding easier than sewing.

clinkadink 11th June 2019 21:06

On the way back from work I decide to pop in to the spray shop, and see how he's getting along.

I was greeted with a sense of de-ja-vue.

I just hope he can put it all back together :lalala:

clinkadink 11th June 2019 21:08

A pair of these arrived today too. I was sceptical being 6'2", but they are very comfortable.

molleur 12th June 2019 01:43

I'm looking at BadBoys seats as well for my 250SWB coupe

IanA 12th June 2019 07:32


Originally Posted by clinkadink (Post 100823)
...I just hope he can put it all back together :lalala:

Always looks messy at this stage- but it's worth it.

I can see a business opportunity here- you'll be wanting some clip-on edging for the boot and some split convoluted trunking for the wiring!!! (Been there, done that.)

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