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rossnzwpi 14th May 2017 01:03

Dino blueprints, technical drawings
Does anybody have scans or access to blueprints or technical drawings of Dinos? I have Googled exhaustively only to find partial and confusing images.
The Ferrari manual for the 206 GT, for example, has a nice clear side view but when you get to the 246 Ferrari official manuals they use the same drawing, just adding bolt-on wheels. It has the same wheelbase and height as the 206 - so it looks like they just got lazy.
Post here or PM me if you can help
Ross (in NZ)

Aus Simmo 14th May 2017 08:40

There's some nice period info on a post in the below forum:

Aus Simmo 14th May 2017 09:10

I found this also:

Aus Simmo 14th May 2017 09:12

Another (206).

Aus Simmo 14th May 2017 09:13

Oops fat fingers -

rossnzwpi 14th May 2017 18:46

2 Attachment(s)
[ATTACH]Attachment 4369

Attachment 4370[/ATTACH]Thanks Simmo,
I've seen those and the 206 & 246 Chassis diagrams are pretty clear and useful. The smcars image, is I think a homologation paper with a sketch of a 206 pretending to be a 246. It'd be great if we could find body blueprints.

rossnzwpi 14th May 2017 18:54

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Here are a couple of side views from the Ferrari Dino manuals. The side views are identical in length and wheelbase - only difference is the bolt-on vs knock-on wheels. Therefore I suspect the 246 manual just shows a Attachment 4371

Attachment 4372

Attachment 4373

Attachment 4374slightly altered 206 image.

rossnzwpi 14th May 2017 18:59

1 Attachment(s)
Attachment 4375I'm not sure about this 206 - it seems like a recreated sketch rather than genuine and I found it:

rossnzwpi 14th May 2017 19:10

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Attachment 4376
this one is available for purchase for 4GBP in A3 size. I bought one and it is interesting.
actually they are the source of my above posting too.

Aus Simmo 15th May 2017 00:04

That last one certainly helps with proportions and reference points.

I take it from your pursuit of exact proportions/chassis etc you are either planning or working on a direct replica? That's a bit beyond my scope but the geek in me feeds my interest!

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