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mazdarazmataz 15th February 2018 15:21

new one?

Doing well on eBay right now
Anyone here?

molleur 15th February 2018 16:08

I do recognize the wheels, but not the owner.

Jaguartvr 15th February 2018 16:49

Saw that this morning, looks like a nice build but not keen on the rear lights or roof side vents.

mazdarazmataz 15th February 2018 16:56

I reckon they are Capri mk3 lights, I think this guy has access to a laser cutter as there are lots of laser cut stainless parts.

Its doing well price wise, I would be very happy at that

mazdarazmataz 26th February 2018 09:28

10500 in the end very nice, but seller wants more

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