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Lucky@LeMans 11th November 2020 08:54

New kits
Chris is tempting us with more kits in the pipeline !

Corvette replica anyone ?

WorldClassAccident 11th November 2020 09:22

WorldClassAccident 11th November 2020 09:35

I shared to the Unusual Cars group and it seems popular there too :

landmannnn 14th November 2020 22:23

I have always like the C2 Vette.

redratbike 15th November 2020 08:14

He’s had to split the body and add 150mm wow didn’t know a corvette was that narrow or a z4 that much wider !

landmannnn 15th November 2020 11:17

Just checking for a friend (of course), I was surprised how low powered the 2 and 2.2 litre Z4s are. 0 to 60 around the 8 second mark is hardly "sports".

Lucky@LeMans 15th November 2020 17:03


Originally Posted by landmannnn (Post 105426)
Just checking for a friend (of course), I was surprised how low powered the 2 and 2.2 litre Z4s are. 0 to 60 around the 8 second mark is hardly "sports".

There's more too it than 0 - 60 times ! Handing is the main factor in a sports car, the Z4 is pretty good for its size and weight. Plenty of 3.0ltr cars out there if you need a little more grunt !

Mister Towed 16th November 2020 06:25

I've only ever driven a 2 litre six Z3. My main criticism was that the engine was just too smooth and refined for a sporty car. I found myself constantly hitting the rev limiter in second gear as it just didn't feel as if it was already at 6500rpm.

Got to agree with Lucky, too. Agility and the way the car makes you feel are far more important than outright acceleration or top speed in a European 'Sports' car. USA cars are slightly different in that most cars people refer to as 'Sports' cars, even the later Corvettes, are actually better described as GT's or muscle cars.

I'm putting my head above the parapet here, but my list of American Sports cars would be quite short:

Original Corvette C1 & maybe C2 (C3 on are more GT car)

Shelby Cobra

Dodge Viper (even though it has a truck engine)

And, in the words of Bubba from Forrest Gump, ...that's it.

Topic for conversation...

Munky 18th November 2020 01:09

I had a bright yellow Hennessy Dodge Viper coupe, circa 2002.
Amazing to look at and the reason why so many Corvettes were sold.
No road manners at all - probably my fault for buying one with a Hennessy conversion, but the most I can liken it to, is an old metal bed frame, with a huge powerful truck engine on one end, a huge pair of tires at the other that hated the engine and you had to hold on to the links of the springs of the bed frame.

You never knew if you were going to go forward at warp factor 11 or sideways into the scenery when you put your foot down. An MX5 is more fun to drive by anyone other than a super talented driver (obviously not me).

I’m just sorting out a Caterham as even my Atom doesn’t have as much fun handling. I think driving an MG miget, Caterham, MX5 are great cars. A friend has just managed the first swap of a Ford ST engine into his MX5 making 275 BHP and over 300 torque with little in the way of a weight penalty... and it’s AMAZING!

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