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EXI Turbo 16th June 2018 17:58

Help needed - Indicator problems
As the MOT is due on Tuesday I thought I would just do a final check make sure all the lights,wipers,horn etc are working. Unfortunately no indicators and when I turned on the hazzards the little red triangle faintly lit on the dash and then went out.

I checked the fuses (all those i could find) and they seemed ok. However the 3 pin flasher unit had started to melt. I put a new one in and it got hot straight away so turned it off and went looking for a short circuit. The wires to the drivers side repeater had melted together so I replaced them and tried the hazzards which appear to be working fine now (all 6 bulbs flashing), but no indicators.

Anybody got any ideas ?


Phaeton 19th June 2018 14:41

My hazards & indicators use different fuses, the hazards are permanent live, the indicators switched live, I would go back through your fuses as a starting point.

EXI Turbo 19th June 2018 17:18

Thanks, I found out that the fuse holder had some corrosion and although the fuse was OK the power wasn't getting through. My fault probably as I have driven it in some very bad weather, even with the roof up it is not very watertight.

Fixed now but had to reschedule the MOT till next week. But that still gives me plenty of time to make sure it's ready for a camping trip to the South of France.

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