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Vitinho 17th January 2013 18:45

Marlin 5EXi GTR (LHD) being built in Portugal.
Hi all,

Just to introduce myself. Iím Paulo from Portugal and together with a friend I own a Marlin 5Exi (GTR version and LHD). I received the car on the 21st december 2012, so Santa arrived early last year :).
Iím dealing with the bits and everything else and I think I already reached 35% of build. The donor is a Honda Civic 1.6 VTi (EK4). It is a 4 door salon model from 1996. The engine is a B16A2 with some internal modifications that have more less 180 bhp. This car was my daily car from 1998 and until 2005. It have loads of track time since I participated with him in track days since 2001. It is now time to keep the bullet proof internals and to get rid of the weight by installing the mechanical parts in to a serious light chassis. The car will be used for track days and other race events.
For the gear box linkage we decide to install the Mike Satur MGF gear linkage system and we will customize it to fit the Honda Y2 gear box.
No build web site yet (the available time is being spent on the car), but when I setup a web site I will advise the group.

Kind regards.

peterux 17th January 2013 19:43

Wow, a new 5EXI build thread!!

Welcome, Paulo to the forum :thumb:

But what is a 5EXI GTR?? Is it a new bodyshape??


Vitinho 17th January 2013 20:20

The bodyshape is the same for now... The GTR version is because it have some minor improvements on the chassis, and also a pushrod suspension configuration in the rear (like Markís car).


peterux 17th January 2013 21:08

looking forward to seeing some pictures :bounce:

limpabit 19th January 2013 16:45

Welcome to the forum Paulo. Be good to see some pictures :biggrin:

Chris Cussen 20th January 2013 11:25

Hi Paulo,
I'm thinking of moving to Portugal when I retire in two years time. What are the problems with registering a kit car there? I have a Marlin Cabrio that was regestered in the UK in 2009.

Vitinho 21st January 2013 14:35

Hi Chris,

If that car was previously registered in UK, then there is no problem, you just register the car in Portugal and probably have to pay an import tax and depending the age of the car it shouldn't be that much.
If you are considering building the car here in Portugal and then register it locally, then I would advise you to take the car to UK, do the SVA and then import it to Portugal. We don't have SVA in Portugal and registering a home made car, you need to have to submit a mechanical engineering project to be approved, with very strict requirements (I thought about this 10 years ago to build a seven and decide to quit...).

What part of Portugal are thinking about?


Chris Cussen 21st January 2013 16:25

Near Caldas da Rainha. My brother already lives out there overlooking Obidos lagoon at Foz do Arelho.
We really like it there, it is away from the usual tourist places, apart from locals using the beach. There are plenty of good places to visit, decent resturants and the people always seem friendly.

Vitinho 22nd January 2013 18:48

That is a great area, one of my favorites also. I love all the little towns from Nazare to Peniche, and of course Obidos where I usually go during the Christmas town season. Good food and good people.

Regarding the car, what is your intention? Bring one from UK?


Chris Cussen 23rd January 2013 06:18

We really like the area too. We usually visit Obidos and have lunch at the cafe that is up by the castle wall. And eating sardines in Peniche, and the sea-food resturants in Nazare. Oh, and we frequently buy at 10litre box of Capitas red wine to go with our evening meals.

Anyway to cars, I have a 2litre Sierra based Marlin Cabrio. First registered in the UK in 2009.


Vitinho 28th January 2014 11:01

Hi all,

Just to let you know that we are above the 90% done on the build. Planning the first test drive for next March. After the first test drive I have to dedicate time to create a web site to share the photos and challenges we had to overcome.


limpabit 29th January 2014 05:34

That's great news Vitinho. Look forward to seeing some pictures.

How is the government test over in Portugal? Some are very strict with kit cars.

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