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Drummajor 2nd June 2019 18:20

MX250 c. Number 3
Well, Iíve gone and done it .
Two donor cars purchased . Time to make my 3rd mx.
I have big plans for this one.
Watch this space .

Iím back , did you miss me?:icon_wink:

froggyman 2nd June 2019 20:09

Of course!!! Let the build commence. Good luck.

redratbike 3rd June 2019 05:20

2 doner cars!!!! Happy building

Drummajor 3rd June 2019 18:58

Drummajor 3rd June 2019 19:00

Yes, two donors . The parts on the blue one are going on the silver one.
The blue one is rotten underneath but the mk2 is mostly sound

Drummajor 3rd June 2019 19:05

Pretty certain she will notice my new garden ornament soon.

306craig 4th June 2019 19:51

Good luck Drum. I remember you helping me out a lot during my first build. What state is the interior in in the Mk1? If you are looking for a new home for Mk1 interior bits I am in the market due to starting No 2 very soon.

Drummajor 4th June 2019 20:13

I have most of the interior left , trimmed in red .
I’ve sold the red leather seats but still have door cards , centre console with red gaitors

Drummajor 17th June 2019 07:23

Scrap donor has now been collected , even gave me £100 for it.
Build on the mk2 is at full speed. Mostly lots of engine work planned, major service and a bigger aluminium radiator to be fitted. New seats have arrived and lots of interior where fitted in the last few days .
It’s all go, go ,go

Drummajor 21st June 2019 20:43

Today was cambelt and water pump change , should it really have took 6 hours ?

Barber 22nd June 2019 05:52

Image size
Can you resize your pics to 800x600? I have the same issue when I post pics from my phone, the Madabout pages scale to the size of the pic, not vice versa. I use "Paint", but no doubt there are other ways. Keep posting progress.:smile:

Drummajor 22nd June 2019 21:49

Take two, today was refit of cam belt as it didn’t fire today .
Tomorrow will be doing it again as still no start up, but having searched the internet I think it may be possible that I’ve installed the sensor wheel , behind the pulleys , the wrong way round. I only say that as I didn’t know there was a right and wrong way to install it.
I hope it sorts 5he problem .

Drummajor 23rd June 2019 13:11

It works , it works . Damn sensor wheel was the wrong way round , it took 10mins to rectify . Simple really, if only I had known this 2 days ago.

Drummajor 1st July 2019 20:50

First drive after the six week mechanical rebuild and refresh has gone well.
Everything worked, was a bit loud but nothing that can’t be fixed.

Drummajor 4th July 2019 18:21

I now have door cards , only took 6 hours !!

Drummajor 5th July 2019 08:58

Delivery due from the states today , excited ��

Drummajor 7th July 2019 08:47

Chris and Dan now have the body at their place. Making a few modifications to the rear shell then I can start the conversion , firstly though I’ve got the track day booked at castle Coombes to give the car a good shake down.

Drummajor 15th July 2019 10:57

Off to the tuners today , I really hope it will be good news (and not too expensive )
Fingers crossed

Drummajor 27th July 2019 10:16

198.6 bhp ��
Track day went very well, the car didn’t miss a beat , just a few tweaks of the suspension were needed.
Now to continue with the interior refit .
However got a question or two , please read my new “electrical issue” thread
Cheers guys

jones 27th July 2019 14:27

Any actual pictures of this car espeviallywith the mods?

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