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freeman41 16th October 2017 15:22

The Final Result - With Just A Few Tweeks[/IMG]

Hi All

My build is just about complete but I do have a couple of mechanical issues.
I made up a full independent rear suspension that I posted pictures back in March 2013, coil overs all round. The ride is choppy, I had it corner balanced which has improved things but still room for improvement. I may go for a session with a suspension specialist.

The engine is modified with a gas flowed head, stronger valve springs, high torque camshaft, sports exhaust, triple dellortos, electronic ignition and facet fuel pump with regulator.

I have had a couple of sessions on a rolling road setting the engine up but again room for improvement. It appears to be running rich, though it's producing approximately 130bhp.

The car has covered approximately 450 miles and the rear U.J's on the drive shafts have failed. These were renewed during the course of the build. I am now having freelander ones fitted.

Hope you enjoy the photos.

phil9 16th October 2017 16:21

looks great ...the fun starts now.....

Jerome 16th October 2017 17:33


Lots of nice details!

Have fun,Rob

Paul L 16th October 2017 20:26

freeman41 - Congratulations on finishing your build, the car looks great. :cool:

Having just done a bit of research/stalking...

I must apologise for somehow managing to miss your build each time you've posted about it before.

Clearly you have done a done of modification work, as it appears you have a Spyder body shell and a Cordite bonnet.

Then you have added doors and the body shell extension to include the bottom of the bonnet.

Obviously there have been a few bonnet scoops over the years, but I think your car is the first with a 'lip' under the nose.
( Is that to allow clearance for the bonnet to open? )

Either way, as Jerome said, lots of nice details and your 'Before' and 'After' is pretty spectacular.

Enjoy, Paul. :)

Those seats and seat belts look familiar. :icon_wink:

Mister Towed 17th October 2017 06:20

Nice looking car with some great details. Try softer springs and dampers if the ride's too hard on the road, they'll improve the handling too. Enjoy!

freeman41 9th November 2017 14:10

Sorry about my slow response to all your comments but they are appreciated and also help to make my 5 year build journey worthwhile. Thanks for that.

Paul the lip is to hide a lump I cut out of the bonnet, to allow it to clear the bottom of the radiator.

I think you are also right it is a cordite bonnet. I bought it from Andy at Ribble. I cut an opening in the top of the original bonnet to form a panel for engine access. The main bonnet area was going to fix solid but I decided the access to the engine and the ancillaries was going to be awkward.

The main reason I wanted a fixed bonnet was so I could bond it into the body. Lining up the bonnet was very time consuming, frustrating and definitely gave me some sleepless nights.

I think I bought the last set of seatbelts that someone on the forum recommended. I'm very pleased with them and the price was the bargain of the build.

Thanks David, I have fitted three different sets of springs to the rear Avo coilovers. I'm now running with 125lbs. Not sure what the front Avo spring rate is. I will take one off and check.

This is the good thing about a build forum, you can run out of ideas but there is always someone to get you thinking positive again.

I live close to Wharfedale who bought an unfinished Sammio project which you may have seen on the forum. It's now a very nice car. I was having problems with my wire wheels coming loose and he sorted them out with the aid of a large rubber mallet.

Paul keep up your good work.

Regards to all.

micky1mo 9th November 2017 16:10

freeman41 that's a nice looking car.
How well does it run on those carbs??

freeman41 14th November 2017 14:13

Hi micky1mo
Despite 2 sessions on the rolling road the engine is still not right. It appears to be running rich and there is a smell of petrol but no leaks.

The car pulls very well but on tick over the plugs soot up and there is a slight hesitation at low revs when cold. The engine has only covered 450 miles after a total rebuild, so maybe requires bedding in.

I have been in contact with Matt Cooper at Eurocarb. He is very helpful and knowledgeable. There are some issues with the jetting that he is not happy with and also suggested I check over the engine to make sure there are no other problems I may have overlooked.
Then back to the rolling road.

The problem with jetting on the triple card set is if you need to change them its 6 of everything making it pretty expensive.
However just looking at them when you lift the bonnet gives you that wow feeling. That's why we build cars and to deplete our bank account.

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