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aofb 28th June 2020 10:38

MX250 wiper arms
Simple one... what wiper arms is everyone using for MX250 builds based on an NA/ Mk1 car?

Want to know lengths really...


Drummajor 28th June 2020 11:29

The original ones

aofb 28th June 2020 15:22


Originally Posted by Drummajor (Post 104652)
The original ones

How did you deal with the spindles being way back into the body?

Drummajor 28th June 2020 17:23


Originally Posted by aofb (Post 104655)
How did you deal with the spindles being way back into the body?

How old is your kit ? The later kits had the scuttle trimmed to allow access to the spindles .
If you have an older kit then you can purchase (from eBay) Land Rover extension boots .
They screw onto your spindle , the wiper fits onto them .

Option B would be trim the scuttle back to allow access to spindles , as per the later kits.

aofb 28th June 2020 23:09

Mines an older one, DM... No recess.

Must admit I haven't tried as to whether the OE Arms fit onto the spindle extensions (got some of them and did the M8 nut trick some time ago)...

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