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UpstateCobraGuy 19th December 2020 21:03

US MX250 build
I wanted to update and recap my MX250 build. Im a teacher at a local Career and Technical high school, and Ive been using it as a project for the students to work on. Unfortunately, it was in quarantine for over 6 months during the shutdown. Thankfully, we are back working on it!

I found this beat up but solid 92 for $500. It was the perfect donor since it had light body damage in the front and rear. The story goes, the owner was following his wife and rear ended her causing her to hit the car in front of her. Needless to say, they got divorce shortly afterwards. 😉

At the Center being brought back to life...

On the frame straightener

In primer

UpstateCobraGuy 19th December 2020 21:36

This is the present state the the build. Just fit the wheels to make sure of fitament.

15x8 fronts & 15x9 rears

molleur 19th December 2020 22:15

looking good!

peterux 20th December 2020 11:49

Great project for your students. Wish I was back in college:-)

UpstateCobraGuy 13th January 2021 22:30

Update 1-13-21
Back in the Auto shop...

Time for some new coil overs...

Hopefully, body will get mounted next week!

UpstateCobraGuy 19th March 2021 19:40

Update 3/19/21

Front hood hinges, took a bit of fiddling with, but beginning to come together.

Just not a true sports car without front hinges :heh:

Neat hood locks from Amazon

We have color!

TheLaughingCow 20th March 2021 14:33

Looking good! What shade of red is that?

UpstateCobraGuy 23rd March 2021 15:34


Originally Posted by TheLaughingCow (Post 106169)
Looking good! What shade of red is that?

It's final color will be Dodge/Ram pick up Red. With the price of paint today, I got a gallon for free. I wanted Alfa Red, but at $150 a quart, free is better!

TheLaughingCow 29th March 2021 09:34

Is there any other mx250s in the states? This will be super rare over there i imagine. Looking forward to the updates!

UpstateCobraGuy 16th April 2021 14:40


Originally Posted by TheLaughingCow (Post 106217)
Is there any other mx250s in the states? This will be super rare over there i imagine. Looking forward to the updates!

I believe 1 of 2 MX250's in the States, I think there's another 2 SWB 250's over here before Ferrari ruined our fun. I also have a Tribute D type...

UpstateCobraGuy 16th April 2021 14:54

Rear section bonded
A small update:

Rear body section is fully bonded to the chassis. Good, bad or indifferent, it will NEVER come off!

Seem between fiberglass and chassis

Fingers cut to allow better fitment

Fiberglass resin and cloth to fill the seem

I'm really digging this view :badgrin:

UpstateCobraGuy 16th June 2021 21:05

Finally, in the booth!
Ram/Jeep Red

Tire & Wheels make a huge difference!

Graduation day!

molleur 16th June 2021 22:51

congratulations. Looking good.
Great for graduation day!

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