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Tamos 10th August 2018 12:51

JZR registration
Have just finished building Morgan replica 3 wheeler, using new JZR chassis/body kit with 1997 Moto Guzzi donor. Has failed MSVA on few minor points and should pass retest in couple of weeks.
Looking ahead to registration there appear to be quite a few grey areas. The biggest unknown is does it need an MOT or not? General opinion is not, but canít find anything on internet to confirm. Also, can I expect to keep reg number of donor bike?
The 2 forms that are reqd are V627/1 and V55/4 and both seem to ask for info that is not relevant. Is there anywhere I can get advice or see examples of completed forms, particularly for 3 wheelers?
Any help greatly appreciated.

molleur 10th August 2018 17:07

Have some pics to share?

Tamos 10th August 2018 17:15

4 Attachment(s)
Not good with modern technology but hopefully pics of car will appear now. If not, please send message and will get my clever neighbour to do it tomorrow.

molleur 10th August 2018 17:44


froggyman 11th August 2018 07:48

Well done. That looks great. - I am sure someone in the know will answer your question soon.

redratbike 11th August 2018 08:01

Love the colour scheme

Looks a great build

Mistrale 11th August 2018 08:11

Oh wow - that is nice! Small block Guzzi?

I didn't realise JZR still made kits - dare I ask how it compares price wise to a Triking build?

You don't need an MOT for 3 years after IVA BTW.

Well done on a fantastic looking car!

Piguin 12th August 2018 21:41

That looks great!

Hope you'll get over the registering hurdles soon and start enjoying it

dPrime 1st October 2018 03:06

That's a great looking one, nice! How's the registration?

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