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Jaguartvr 13th June 2017 12:05

Z3 rear brake calipers
Does anyone know if the Z3 callipers are the same as the E36?
Some suppliers say they are some say there not. Putting in the registration number doesn't help as it's no longer registered as a BMW.

WorldClassAccident 13th June 2017 13:25

I think most are. The discrepancies are for things like the M models or the 'compact' from memory.

Don't quote me though if you get the wrong ones.

Perhaps phone BMW garage and ask for the part number?

Jaguartvr 13th June 2017 17:34

Euro car parts has different part numbers for z3 & E36, the Z3 being 50% more expensive.
Looks like I will have to try and refurb mine but I have a feeling the bleed nipples will just break off. Bugger.

IanA 13th June 2017 18:34

Plus-Gas and a hot air gun may be your friend here.

Plastic Porsche 13th June 2017 19:31

Try Brake parts

Jaguartvr 13th June 2017 19:35

Brilliant, thanks.
Z3 rear callipers 68 each, much cheaper than elsewhere.

WorldClassAccident 13th June 2017 19:36

I have found GSF better than Europarts for advice.

Also BMW give you the correct part number, even if it is the same between the two. Europarts give you what it says in their book

Jaguartvr 13th June 2017 19:44

The trouble with GSF is that to get a decent price (around 53%) you have to have their latest discount code. This is emailed every couple of days with a new code. Simply can't be arsed with all the e-mails.
Euro car parts are no better, I was taking my daughters MX5 in for an MOT and found the front pads needed replacing, I normally order from Ebay (ace parts) and they are about 10 per set. As it was a Saturday morning and she need the car back I had to go to Eurocrats, the cheap option 27+VAT were out of stock and the only pair in stock were 47+VAT. After politely telling them where they could shove their brake pads they said I could have them for 30 including VAT!

IanA 13th June 2017 21:03


Originally Posted by Jaguartvr (Post 88798)
... they said I could have them for 30 including VAT!

If you have to go to EuroCarParts - ask for the online price (which is always lower than the counter price), go outside and order via Click&Collect using your smartphone.

Lucky@LeMans 13th June 2017 22:05

Most of the bigger motor factors will give you a discount if you ask them. Ask for a trade card, most will give you one, you will just have to fill out a short form. Even Halfords will give you a big discount if you get a trade card, they can be quite good for consumable bits etc.

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