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Tec43 5th July 2018 22:10

Bizzarrini 5300 GT Fiberglass body/plug
Hi, long time lurker here, was browsing Bizzarrini's for sale and came across this item for sale:

For sale for $5000 (3,800) in Cypress California from a bloke who doesn't have a website and can only be contacted through his email, but has been discussed online before:

A comment on the first website describes it as a plug leaving the possibility open for someone to buy it, take a mould from it and cast a body from it.

I don't have the money to take the punt and was wondering what people thought...

Mister Towed 6th July 2018 06:59

Very pretty car, it does look like a plug to make a mould from though as it appears to be internally braced.

Would be an awful lot of work for an amateur builder to put one on the road - it doesn't appear to have any doors, so they'd need fabricating as would a dash prior to making the mould.

I suspect the glass may be a bit of a headache to find too. The front windshield might still be available, but side and rear glass may well have to be made from scratch.

Reading the threads about the seller also suggests that he might not sell it to you anyway if he doesn't like the cut of your jib.

Ultimately it depends on how much you want the car and how big a challenge you are prepared to take on. Would be a stunning car when finished, but that might not be for quite a long time.

If funds are no issue then you could negotiate a price from a specialist custom shop to put it on the road for you, where it might even make it onto one of those chop-shop tv shows.

Good luck and keep us updated on your decision and progress.

molleur 6th July 2018 17:43

not a plug, but look at the mold lines in the body. Those wooden pieces are simply to prevent the roof section from deforming.

molleur 8th July 2018 01:34

e-mailed the seller, his response:

I understand this is for the body only. Not the plug or buck, correct?


Jaguartvr 8th July 2018 08:35

Sounds like he is best avoided!

Tec43 8th July 2018 17:20

Hi, thanks for the responses

Like I said originally I don't have the funds to afford such a big project, let alone afford the initial cost of the shell.
As you say Towed this sort of thing would best be left to the pro's and if I could afford to do it I would in a heartbeat!

In that thread discussing him they did say that he tends to only sell to people he approves of, so from the sounds of it he's a prickly bloke but he puts out a nice Bizzarrini body (and the only one available). People do seem to say they'd do business with him again so take that as you will...

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