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colinham 9th December 2018 11:07

Auto Milan 308
Iam new to this forum. Just bought a Auto Milan 308 GTS any body on hear got similar ?

Lucky@LeMans 20th December 2018 19:58

Have you tried the Italian Replica Club. A more specific club and I know several owners with 308 replicas. I think most are the Pontiac Fierro based examples. The Auto Milan is a bit of a rarity in its own right, I don't think they made many.

colinham 20th December 2018 20:30

Thanks, Iam already a member of the Italian Replica Club and bought this car from a previous owner, I was told only six of these cars are on the road, to date ive had no success at finding other owners.

Brickbox83 16th May 2019 09:38

Colin, I was in touch with this guy many years ago when I had the remnants of one. He is the best source of info regards those on the road.

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