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Lucky@LeMans 23rd February 2020 17:25

You would be right into IVA with that option, just ads grief to your otherwise simple build process !

Mitchelkitman 23rd February 2020 19:12

I know I'd prefer a new chassis with modern mechanicals instead of 70 year old tech. Yes IVA would be needed, but is that such a bad thing, when the end product will be much better?

Lucky@LeMans 23rd February 2020 19:38

There are lots of options when you buy just a body shell, it can be tackled in different ways. Build from the ground up with all modern components or build with a donor car, the choice is yours !

Mister Towed 24th February 2020 16:40

It hadn't occurred to me to check the original A6GCS's wheelbase, I just assumed it would be the same as the bodyshell at 94"

It's actually 90.9" which means it's only 15mm shorter than the wheelbase of the Triumph Herald/Vitesse, making them the ideal donor.

Both will also easily take a straight six. You'd need to take less than 70mm out of the front between the rear of the bonnet opening and the base of the screen, which you could do when converting to a flip-front for easy access.

Mister Towed 3rd March 2020 16:08

Some inspiring footage here, just turn the volume up real loud -

Lucky@LeMans 5th March 2020 16:57

Found this video, the owner talking about his example, " di aselerator pedal is in di middle " ! I don't think I could cope with that in a situation !

JG 5th March 2020 17:23

It's teeny tiny

but gorgeous

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