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pippip 16th July 2019 17:11

Sportster Throttle Cable
Can anyone help me work out how to refit a throttle cable on. Sportster Mine snapped today at the pedal end and the spring fell off so I have no idea how it fits onto the cable. I am waiting for a new cable from Car Builders Solutions but have been trying to work out with the old cable how to replace the spring. Just my luck just this morning booked onto the Silverstone classic Weekend Incl the Retro Run and now no throttle, There is nobody at The Marlin factory until next Monday and then its pot luck if they answer the phone. Anyone got one similar they could describe how it fits. Thanks. Pip

MartinClan 16th July 2019 21:16

I am afraid you will find most builders did there own thing with the throttle cable. What pedal box and engine do you have.? That information may help someone, with a similar configuration, provide an answer.

Cheers Robin

pippip 16th July 2019 22:37

It's a factory built car with a BMW engine

MartinClan 18th July 2019 18:24

On my E30 based sportster I was able to reuse a BMW throttle cable. The return spring at the pedal end however was a different story. There was no provision in the Marlin pedal box so I had to invent something. Can't remember what I did now and the car now has a new owner so unable to look for you. Sorry. I am sure someone else will volunteer an answer.

Cheers Robin

pippip 18th July 2019 19:17

Ok thanks Terry at Marlin is looking into it for me I have roughed up a temp solution with twin return springs and a universal cable. Fingers crossed it lasts until I can find the correct cable

Patrick 20th July 2019 12:51

On my E30 based sportster I didn't use a spring at the pedal end. I held the cable in to the notch on the pedal using a stainless pipe clamp with a notch for the cable pass by.

pippip 20th July 2019 12:56

Ok understood but where did you locate a return spring?

Patrick 20th July 2019 13:30

I found the spring built into the throttle body sufficient. I like a nice light pedal for the throttle.

pippip 20th July 2019 17:00

Ok thanks I will give that a try

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