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grahamhughes 9th May 2011 18:51

new build
hi all.
am a new member and i retire from work soon and need a new project. I am the owner of a Cobra replica at mo. Am thinking of building a phantom and want to know firstly what is the best engine gearbox to use so i can start looking for one. would it be best to buy a complete donor car and strip or just source an engine/box etc

kenmorton 12th May 2011 23:00

Hi Graham,
because the kit is fairly comprehensive there arn't that many donor parts needed. Although the earlier cars used mostly Rover 827 donor parts they now use mostly Ford Mondeo parts. I adapted mine to Honda Legend and Ed Preston has his running a mix of Audi/Ford/Volvo parts. As the car is in continual development it would be best to speak to Chris at Vortex(Phantom) for up to date info. If you could get hold of one of the new Ford v6 Ecoboost engine and gearbox drivelines then you would have an ideal setup.
If you need any more info or fancy meeting up send me a P.M. with contact info.

grahamhughes 13th May 2011 10:41

Hi Ken
Thanks for your response. I plan to contact chris and maybe pay a visit and test drive. If i go the ford route and source a V6 ecoboost engine/box do i need the ECU and wiring loom etc

kenmorton 25th May 2011 20:29

Hi Graham,
not too sure what cars the v6 ecoboost is in yet, think they might only be in some american fords as yet. Chris would have more info I'm sure.

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