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Brandon 14th September 2013 17:31

I need and lsd for my rover gear box any one out their got one its a r65 box and also any vvc solid cams cheers
now the cars handeling I need more grip and power

alackofspeed 14th September 2013 21:12

You're unlikely to feel much benefit from a LSD in my opinion. The only time I find one would be useful is when pulling out of a junction with lots of lock on.

On a track I've never found traction an issue, with the back (either wheel) only breaking away at high lateral loads, at which point both wheels tend to go at once.

An example from today at ~95mph on a cheapy airfield day:

Brandon 15th September 2013 08:41

im using the car for sprints and hill climbs and the car has no traction of the start line spins 1 wheel

alackofspeed 15th September 2013 16:00


Originally Posted by Brandon (Post 46752)
im using the car for sprints and hill climbs and the car has no traction of the start line spins 1 wheel

Quite possibly a feature of the camber sweep / pro-squat of the stock marlin geometry. I can launch mine like a hooligan in a straight line and it digs in and goes with very little wheelspin.

Brandon 15th September 2013 17:32

which engine gearbox and tyres are you useing it looks like it goes quite well

limpabit 15th September 2013 17:56

Don't know of a LSD for the R65 box. Pg1's had the torsen diff

Brandon 15th September 2013 18:16

ive got a 220 tomcat so maybe put the box out of that in ?
would it fit a k series engine

limpabit 15th September 2013 18:45

Unfortunately, the T series PG1 bell housing is different from the K series. So won't bolt straight to a K series. Though the 220 box will be stronger (has different bearings) and will be different gearing.

Your best bet, is get A PG1 from a 1.8 bubble Rover. If you get one from a BRM and possibly a VI, they will have a type B torsen diff in and bolt straight to a K series. BRM definitely had it.

alackofspeed 15th September 2013 18:48

Honda K20A2 from a UK Civic Type-R with a matching gearbox. Power unknown, but 197bhp stock, and mine has been remapped, so I'd hope it's making a typical remapped figure of circa 220bhp.

limpabit 15th September 2013 19:04

I'm guessing, running the R65 box, your running a 1.1/1.4 or 1.6 engine. Is upgrading to a 1.8 an option? Might be able to get engine/box/MGF gear linkage and ECU as a set etc. Straight forward conversion.

alackofspeed 15th September 2013 19:13

Ken Robson's car had a 1.8vvc from a BRM with torsen equiped gearbox. His car came to an end sadly, but he may still have the drivetrain.

limpabit 15th September 2013 19:15

Hi John.

Did think that but was unsure of circumstances with Ken's car. Would have it all for a conversion into another Marlin

limpabit 15th September 2013 19:22

Ken's car was tuned to 175BHP as well.

eaa53 18th September 2013 14:12

Pg1 Lsd
Ken's issue wrecked the drive chain and the engine :frusty: mounting holes, lugs and oils all scattered and its still an ongoing claim as far as I am aware, he was going to exchange the VVC, Dave Andrew's modified head (where the power was) but don't know its current position. His original doner was a BRM so would have had an LSD.

I had a VI doner and it was a std diff. I have a new PG1 with new LSD fitted ready to be fitted but it may not get there. :eusa_think:

limpabit 18th September 2013 15:23

Might I ask, is it a Quife LSD? Just in case you don't get there, might be interested... Looking at building another hybrid box myself..

Brandon. Your 220 box. Is it a standard box with a standard diff? Or a turbo box? What do you see if you look through the drive shaft homes? A bar, penny washer looking or just a hole? If it has a torsen diff in it, could put it into a K Series PG1...

Brandon 18th September 2013 17:41

The spec of the car is 1600 k series piper cams and pullys twin 40 webers
r65 gear box
i have a complete 200 turbo car i think it has the original gear box it spins both wheels so i guess it has the torsion diff
i also have a vvc engine and gear box out of an mgf
i like the ratios in the r65 and is quite small and light
so i have a few options i guess i could fit the turbo engine and box but it looks very heavy compared to the k series any advice much apriciated thanks Brandon

limpabit 18th September 2013 18:13

Swings and roundabouts on what you what and how much work you want to do with the car. Going the 220 turbo route, you have a lot more to think about and work to do. Yes is heavier, but has a lot more torque and power as standard.

Can't remember how it works. But my 220 turbo donor, had a ordinary 220 box with a normal diff in it. Will find out for sure once you pop a drive shaft out.

Another common problem with the 220 turbo box (Type A diff), is the bearing carrier breaks. I did not realise in the Marlin until I had the box apart. As you can see here, no way of the driveshaft connecting to the diff![/URL]

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