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Mistrale 9th March 2018 14:37

Wow, just wow! Looks stunning!

What was the green number 34 with the MGF wheels?

micky1mo 9th March 2018 16:02


Originally Posted by Mistrale (Post 93718)

What was the green number 34 with the MGF wheels?

That's the SAMMIO ALPHA prototype designed to fit around a Triumph Spitfire.
Here's the same car but with wire wheels.

Here the body mould only this one is fitted to a Scimitar SS1 chassis

SAMMIO ALPHA bodies are available but now there's the option of doors.

Number 34, the car in the photos, was recently exported to a French Classic car dealer. :icon_sad:

micky1mo 9th March 2018 16:06

Back to the "D" type and here's the left hand side of the dash.

Not as clamorous as the other side but it's functional. :thumb:

Paul L 10th March 2018 08:47

Mike - This 'Jag' in a 'Jag' build will be pretty special when finished. :cool:

Good luck, Paul. :)

micky1mo 13th March 2018 17:41

The fuel tank fits nicely on the original boot floor leaving plenty of room behind the seats for luggage.

The gear stick had to be extended rearward.

It now fits just left of the hand brake.

With all the operating gear in place we did the "brum brum" test, just to see if every thing fits! :becky:

That bonnet sure looks big!!!!:faint:

Mister Towed 14th March 2018 06:19

So far so good!

micky1mo 21st March 2018 16:28

Been busy doing the wiring. :mmph:

Also set and painted the floor.

As the pedal box is now in place I'll start the copper clutch and brake lines next.:icon_smile:

micky1mo 6th May 2018 12:14

Finally completed the fitting of the driver side bulkhead including the pedals, servo and clutch cylinders.

Also fitted a radiator which will need a header tank.

micky1mo 8th October 2018 16:45

Finally got to spend some time on the Jag project.

Made Mk1 manifold set-up.
It consists of a pair of Yamaha XS750 triple carbs, bridged together to make one bank of carbs which will be operated by twin throttle cables.:nerd:

I'm calling it Mk1 as I'm not sure if the carbs will clear the bonnet and I can't check as the car is buried in the back of the workshop until the weekend.:doh:

molleur 8th October 2018 17:55

Very interesting. Should sound great too.

micky1mo 1st January 2019 14:49

Finally got around to trial fitting the first set of carbs.

They look good and do clear the bonnet but I have just realized these Yamaha XS750 carbs have a manual choke which will be a real pain to convert to a cable operated affair so maybe a re-think is needed. :frusty:

micky1mo 13th January 2019 11:33

Had a re-think on the bike carb set-up and think these will be better.

There Mikuni 38mm replacemnt jets are easy to get, they use a single throttle cable, single choke cable and have a TPS in case I need to fit a mega-jolt system.

They are also half the weight of the Yamaha carbs. :smile:

micky1mo 15th January 2019 15:44

Finally got time to see how the new carb set-up fits on the engine.

They seem to fit much nicer and look much better than the Yamaha carbs.
The air filter choice will be critical to the final appearance.
Overall I'm very pleased with the up-grade. :bounce:

molleur 15th January 2019 16:19


Should sound awesome too.

redratbike 16th January 2019 06:10

You could go seperate sock filters then with a metal shroud/cold air scoop covering those to keep it in keeping with the car?

redratbike 16th January 2019 06:19

This sort of thing ?

Picture taken from this thread

micky1mo 16th January 2019 16:02


Originally Posted by redratbike (Post 98619)

I like that idea as it will also keep the intakes in clean / dry air. :biggrin:

redratbike 16th January 2019 17:45

Possibly mr towed did the same in his Sammio?

Mister Towed 16th January 2019 18:36


Originally Posted by redratbike (Post 98630)
Possibly mr towed did the same in his Sammio?

Yes, pretty much. I needed the airbox to accommodate the methanol injection system -

I ran it like that for about three years before switching to bigger carbs, removing the methanol injection and running it with mesh trumpets -

micky1mo 16th January 2019 19:07

Looks cool.
Have you still got the methanol system and did it work? :ear:

Also do you still want a Cordite/Spitfire fiberglass bulkhead?

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