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kon 11th February 2020 12:41


Originally Posted by micky1mo (Post 103463)
I was going to finish with a pair of chrome dome nuts on the outside.

Good idea, thanks. Might steal that :D

froggyman 11th February 2020 20:16

Great news, I am glad your persistence paid off.

micky1mo 15th February 2020 19:51

This is the carb, air filter and throttle cable all in place and ready to roll.:badgrin:

Paul L 23rd February 2020 10:03

Mike – Is that one carb HUGE?

As I’ve got two of those pancake filters on my little 1500 engine.

Either way, glad to hear it is running. :cool:

micky1mo 23rd February 2020 20:11


Originally Posted by Paul L (Post 103557)
Mike – Is that one carb HUGE?

No, it's a standard weber twin choke carb off a Ford Essex 3lt V6. :smokin:

micky1mo 4th March 2020 17:43

Finally I made the effort and fitted the doors.

Drivers side

Passengers side.

Not a bad fit as it was not an easy task because they open at about 45%.:icon_frown:

The blue wire hanging out of the open door works the latch opener until I figure some thing else out. :icon_redface:

micky1mo 11th March 2020 16:59

The brake have now been sorted.

New calipers.

If you look closely you'll see the caliper have 3 bleed nipples one on each side and one on the top.
They also have 2 feed flexi lines.

I thought I'd be clever and just use one feed line and block the other off with a bleed nipple making a duel line braking system.
This was OK until I tried to bleed the calipers !!:mmph:

I could bleed brake fluid from the bottom 2 nipples but not the top one!!
No fluid came out!!
After much head scratching I realized the caliper is split into two independent chambers each chamber feed from one of the two separate feed flexi lines hence the 3 bleed nipples!!:icon_mad:

I had to change the braking system into a duel circuit system.
The servo master cylinder rear take offs now feed both the rear brakes and the bottom chambers of the front calipers and the servo master cylinder front take off feeds the top chambers of the front calipers.

So in theory if I cut a brake line I should still have a reasonably decent (but limited) brake, we hope. :fear:

The end result is .
1, Single line braking system.
Cut a brake line and loose all the brakes!!!
2, Duel line braking system.
Cut a brake line and loose either the front brakes or the rear brake depending on which line is cut!!!
3, Duel circuit braking system.
Cut a brake line and have either 1/2 the front braking power with no rear brakes or 1/2 the front braking power plus the rear brakes.

I believe it was VOLVO who came up with the last one!!!

micky1mo 20th April 2020 17:11

Things are very quite around the workshop but I have sorted out the engine in my daily driver.
The problem turned out to be the balance shaft gears were stripped.

So it was quicker and easier to replace the engine.

The truck now has a new MOT and is still earning it's keep.

So, if you see me about please give-us-a-wave. :horn:

Due to things being quite next door has taken on the "D" type for paint.

After day one.

The final colour will be, JAGUAR - British Racing Green. :thumb:

froggyman 20th April 2020 20:07

Can't wait to see it in paint.

Mister Towed 21st April 2020 06:20

Exciting stuff - I love the point where a project gets its first coat of primer and looks all one colour for the first time.

micky1mo 21st April 2020 17:47


Originally Posted by Mister Towed (Post 103952)
Exciting stuff - I love the point where a project gets its first coat of primer and looks all one colour for the first time.

it brings the whole project together :whoo::whoo:

micky1mo 22nd April 2020 16:08

Called in the paint shop today!:icon_surprised:

coming along nicely. !!::pop2:

molleur 22nd April 2020 17:25


froggyman 22nd April 2020 18:22

Looking good. Will be nice to get it ready for the road, hopefully lock down will be over before this glorious weather!

Lucky@LeMans 22nd April 2020 21:10

You could be looking at an original one !

Paul L 25th April 2020 07:06

Mike – The BRG looks great. :cool:

Do you still have a buyer lined up for this ‘Jag in a Jag’?

Good luck, Paul. :)

micky1mo 25th April 2020 10:42

Paul, Jag-in-a-Jag !! I like that :thumb:

Every man and his dog what's to buy it but no money has changed hands so it's still for sale !!!":fish:

I am looking forward to the "road development" stage. :becky:

micky1mo 6th June 2020 16:53

I'v done a small upgrade on the truck and replaced the original intercooler with a larger one from a L322 Range Rover..

It sits nicely across the front of the radiator, it needed not serious cutting to fit and I was able to use the original pipework to plum it in.:rockon:

There's not much noticeable diferance in general driving with the larger intercooler but the truck certainly develops more torque up hills. :icon_biggrin:

micky1mo 28th August 2020 15:58

We finally got some spare time to work on the "D" type so we sorted out the wheels.
Not quite the original Dunlop Magnesium specials but a set of TR6 wheels and a few quid's worth of bits-and-bobs and we get these.:becky:

We also fitted the wind screen.

I have made steel supports for each end of the windscreen to add some strength and to to give the door windows something to close against

As usual, despite our best efforts we still managed to crack the screen on the last screw !! :shock:

Paul L 7th September 2020 22:19

Mike – Shame about the screen cracking. :icon_sad:

Good luck with the rest of it. Paul. :)

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