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micky1mo 10th July 2021 15:33

Another workshop project completed.

It's a PEMBLETON SS1 Grass hopper
Took this video just before a test drive but, if you look closely you'll see the puddle of oil under the engine !
Turns out the oil cooled pipe split so no test run today!!:mad2:

micky1mo 11th July 2021 14:47

Looks like the JAGUAR project is now completed.

Now Registered correctly with DVLA as "SAMMIO D TYPE REPLICA"

Just needs to under-go a little "road development" then it's for sale!!!
Sometime I hate my job (LOL)! :eusa_clap:

Mister Towed 11th July 2021 17:03

Pembleton is just bonkers so I love it, and the D Type is a credit to you, well done on both :)

micky1mo 9th August 2021 12:57

Just completed this monster!!!

The interior is really trick!!

It actually runs and drives!!:laugh:

Just waiting to book it in for the MOT !!!:pray:

molleur 9th August 2021 13:13


Dpaz 9th August 2021 19:47

I don't suppose it needed IVA? Totally utterly brilliant! I wish I could think of something that rad let alone build it. With all the wires I bet the compass took some compensating!

micky1mo 18th August 2021 14:03

Passed the MOT today, just needed a few "adjustments" and the brakes sorting out.

Now waiting for DVLA!!!!:frusty:

molleur 18th August 2021 16:43


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