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bigrich 21st April 2011 18:43

Stoneleigh '11
Hi Guys,

Comes round quick thsi show....doesn't seem a year since the last one ~(must be 'cos I'm getting older) :-)

Not sure yet if I'm going on SUnday or Monday - any other takers or preffered days??


MadDogMoggy 22nd April 2011 16:50

Hi Rich,

Dad and I are planning on going on Monday. Need some trim bits and want to look at engine management options!


limpabit 23rd April 2011 15:53

Can't make it this year. Hope to meet up with some fellow 5exi'ers soon though.

Ric H 28th April 2011 20:44

Hi all,
Not been posting much I know recently but still got my car! I'm planning to head to Stoneleigh this year. Had been thinking Sunday but I could do Monday instead if that works better - I'll have my Type R with me (Hondata) and happily talk about ECU connections... Can bring a laptop too.
My car hasn't changed a lot - still bodywork unfinished (but this Summer it shall be painted!) but I need to buy a bunch of bits for fitting dual master cylinders. Can't do much major work on the car at the mo because it's become my daily driver for the last month following an incident with my citroen involving a failed timing belt tensioner, a snapped camshaft and a scrapyard... Watching autotrader to find a replacement (reasonably priced Octavia VRS diesels rare it seems...).

MadDogMoggy 28th April 2011 22:12

Hi Rich,

Dad and I are definately going on Monday (have day pass signed by management!) so if you are there it would be great to talk Type Rs and Hondata!

Perhaps if you're going you could PM me a mobile number so we can arrange to meet, or I can give you mine!


bigrich 28th April 2011 22:32

Stoneleigh '11
Monday will be the day for me too. Myself and my brother will be going down from Crewe in the 5exi.

Be great to meet up with any fellow exi builders / drivers....Ric H - my brother says he would love a passenger ride in the type r :-)

See you there Sunday.


alackofspeed 29th April 2011 02:15


Originally Posted by Ric H (Post 21407)
fitting dual master cylinders.

In terms of track performance, quite possibly the best modification I've made!

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