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JONORacing 15th January 2012 19:55

Works In Progress
Hi All,

I have two quick questions that I'm hoping will give me what I'm after

1.How many EXi's are still 'work in progress' & at what stage are you?

2. If there was a wider/longer GT Style body that was available would you swap/order it over the original?

This a only a technical exercise nothing more :pound:


mike joiner 18th January 2012 21:44

Ok I am on the go and recently taken over a build it is at fairly early stage but it will be a k series fairly simple build .I would be keen to see any ideas that you have and cost is also of intrest .

JONORacing 18th January 2012 22:50

Hi Mike,

For a K series, simple build my developments & retro-fittable parts are slightly over kill. The only item you maybe interested in would be the body but it is based on 17" wheels & is wider than standard. Costs are unknown at this stage but once I have pictures up etc we could discuss further.


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