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Scottie22 25th October 2013 21:26



Scottie22 25th October 2013 21:37

Access panel
Because I chose a non flip front, there were certain things under the bonnet that could not be accessed once the body was permanently bonded to the chassis / tub, Or it would be incredibly difficult to carry out repairs to master cylinders windscreen wiper motors etc.
So I decided to make an access panel.
When it came time to actually do the cutting, I was crapping myself as I have always been useless with a jigsaw!
But in the event it turned out not too bad.



Scottie22 25th October 2013 21:38


Scottie22 25th October 2013 21:45

bonnet catch / lock
I did not want bonnet straps on my car so went with hidden locks with a T pull handle under the dash.
The bootlid will be done in a similar way, a clean look with no handles straps or other stuff on show.


Scottie22 25th October 2013 21:48


Scottie22 25th October 2013 21:52



Scottie22 25th October 2013 22:05

I had a go at the doors next, I wanted the illusion that the car is made from aluminium, so I lined the inside of the door skin with it, and the edges, so that it would be seen if some looked inside the door aperture



Scottie22 25th October 2013 22:14

Hidden bootlid lock


Paul L 26th October 2013 08:50

Scottie - Thanks for sharing your build in great detail, as it is very helpful. :cool:
Your attention to detail will result in a great looking car when it is finished.

I'm building a kit based on a Spitfire on the Sammio, Ribble & Miglia forum "next door".

I can see that you have removed the original bonnet hinge support brackets.
I thought that these needed to remain in place until the re-body inspection had taken place.
My understanding was that with the new V5 secured, it then became OK for them to "fall off".

If removing these brackets does not count as altering the chassis that would be great news for me.
As currently my bonnet hinges foul these Spitfire brackets & I need 'tie down' straps to hold it in place.

Good luck with the rest of your build, Paul. :)

Tribute - I know you are at the Exeter show, so this question can wait until your return...
Have you have any issues with re-body inspections for the A352 with, or without, these brackets?

Scottie22 26th October 2013 11:06

You've worried me there Paul, I'm not sure where I stand on that one.
I looked at them and I could see a big weight reduction if they were removed!! Fingers crossed right now then!!

Mister Towed 26th October 2013 11:27


Originally Posted by Scottie22 (Post 47863)
You've worried me there Paul, I'm not sure where I stand on that one.
I looked at them and I could see a big weight reduction if they were removed!! Fingers crossed right now then!!

Just don't mention it and you'll be fine. They're really checking for major mods like shortening/lengthening of the wheelbase or trying to pass off a brand new space-frame as the original chassis, not just the odd bracket removed.

Nice work by the way, I used the alloy Homebase vents myself, much better value than ones from a speed shop.

Keep up the good work, it's going to look stunning :)

Scottie22 26th October 2013 13:06

Thanks for the support MT! When I went to collect my body shell from Chris, he took the shell from a Spit it was sat on at the time, and as far as I recall, that car had no brackets, which influenced me as to removal.
The 1 mil cutting disc is my new found friend, and I do get a bit carried away at times, I'll have to dig out a pic of the dash top, where I cut so much out, I panicked and welded in two strengthening bars to compensate! I want my car to have windscreen wipers, and fitting them after the body is in place will be bit tricky and I wanted plenty of access.

Scottie22 26th October 2013 13:30

Gear lever and hand brake mods
An XKSS interior looks nothing like a Spitfire interior, another big headache. At first I was willing to compromise, then became ashamed of my gutless attitude, and decided to whack it hard!

The Spit, for those that don't know, looks like this.

I decided to make it look like this

fifties fan 26th October 2013 13:39

like the way this is going . I am umming and arring at the moment on whose kit to build , Ribble , Migila , Tribute etc. your thread is proving to be very persuasive !

Scottie22 26th October 2013 13:39

I was happy with the outcome. Of course, compromise has to come into it somewhere.
I welded a lump onto the Spit gear lever ( with it out of the car)
Then welded a 1963 Jaguar gear onto that, and fitted a very expensive
"C" Type replica knob to complete it.
t looks very mickey-mouse but works very well . I ripped the handbrake out of my rotten 1964 MK II Jaguar, (which didn't need much ripping it almost fell out) And cleaned it up a bit and used that. I had to make frame for it to bolt to and designed it to fit to an unmodified,already in position handbrake cable.

Scottie22 26th October 2013 13:42



Paul L 26th October 2013 13:54


Originally Posted by Scottie22 (Post 47863)
... You've worried me there Paul...

Oops, sorry about that.

Hopefully Tribute will confirm Mister Towed's view on the checking process. :pray:

In which case, I will be removing these brackets myself PDQ.

I'm am really enjoying reading about the changes you are making and how you are going about it. :cool:

If it makes you feel better, my angle grinder has been the most used tool on my build! :icon_wink:

Anyway, I'm meant to be outside working on my own project, so got to go...

Good luck, Paul. :)

Scottie22 26th October 2013 13:55


Scottie22 26th October 2013 14:38

Doors, bonnets, boots, lock / catch
If it is of any interest to people on a tight budget-build, and I am firmly in that catagory, the locks I chose to use

came from a store called B and M, (of which there are over 200 nation-wide) and they cost 1.49 each.
I have fitted the bonnet and boot ones already and they work well.
A similar thing at one of these "Euro-shops" would be so much more.
I soak them in oil first, drain them out overnight , then fill them with grease, they are nickle plated any way, so will last virtually for ever.
Hope this helps someone!

Scottie22 26th October 2013 14:52

steering wheel
I can not resist posting a picture of the wheel which will complete the build
(One day far away!)

It is a genuine Moto-Lita as fitted to the racing D types, and the XKSS's too.
It came from a humble Triumph Herald 1962 vintage. I have seen these new, (very pricey) but this one has all the age related patina and little nicks, and is obviously quite old, so should really look the part.

The 1962 Herald boss is different to my 1972 Spit, but half an hour with the drill sorted that one out.[IMG][/IMG]

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