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Scottie22 15th October 2013 22:11

Scottie's Tribute A352 build
Hello all,

My name is Scottie, (I'm a bit new at this posting thing, hope it comes out right)

I have started to build one of Chris's A352's. I live in Hereford.

Are there any people around this area doing anything similar?

This is a build with a slight difference, I am doing my absolute best to re-create a Jaguar XKSS

I am getting there very slowly and will start to post some pics of what I have done so far.

Down&Out 15th October 2013 22:19

Very much looking forward to this!

fatbloke 15th October 2013 22:37

Had to have a quick search to see what the XKSS looked like. Sweet, if it even looks 50% like this.

Scottie22 15th October 2013 22:39

I am hoping for a lot more than 50%!!!!

Mister Towed 16th October 2013 08:55

Surrey Times Headline - Elated pensioner shows off his prize in Wealthy Valley Home for the revoltingly rich retired 'Touch The Car' competition after managing an incredible twelve minutes without needing a wee break.

Nice car, looking forward to seeing pics of progress :)

WorldClassAccident 16th October 2013 09:23

I have a few pictures of an original XKSS from the Wilton House event I went to. When I get home later this week I will try to post them up.= although I am sure you have hundreds already.

What is your donor car?

Good Luck!

Scottie22 16th October 2013 10:26

donar car
It sounds very mundane, but it happens to be a Triumph Spitfire.
The engine is only around 70 or 80 BHP, but with the car being a possible 500 Kilos ish, it should be quite nippy. There are other engine options of course but they may come later. I really want to post lots of pictures, but
embarassingly , don't know how!! Can you help please?
Being a newbie has its drawbacks, there does not appear to be any help info that relates to posting pics.

Mister Towed 16th October 2013 10:33

Photobucket works well, here's a fairly simple guide -

Good luck.

WorldClassAccident 16th October 2013 10:46

If you can get the URL for your picture it is quite easy. you just stick [ img] url here [/ img] but without the spaces.

The tricky bit can be getting th eURL for the picture. You have to load them up onto a hosting site on the internet. I use ggogle photos because it is free and easy. There are others such as Photobucket which I am sure are free and easy too.

Using Google photos and Chrome as a browser you just right click and select 'copy image url'. Using Internet explorer on this works machine I havn't worked out how to do it. :-(

First - load your pictures up to a hosting site
Second - Get the URL for the pictures (not the URL at the top of the browser window)
Third - stick the words IMG and /IMG inside square brackets either side on the URL
Fourth -sit back and enjoy the pictures

Scottie22 16th October 2013 12:04

Many thanks to Mr Towed and WCA, I'll have a go.
I wish I was as good at posting pics as I am at hacking donar cars up!!!

froggyman 16th October 2013 12:32


Originally Posted by Scottie22 (Post 47459)
Many thanks to Mr Towed and WCA, I'll have a go.
I wish I was as good at posting pics as I am at hacking donar cars up!!!

The world is waiting!!!! impatiently

Scottie22 16th October 2013 20:37

progress so far
I have managed to get some of my pictures onto photo bucket, thanks to Fat Bloke's help, but I so far have failed to get them on this forum!
Watch this space! This SO FRUSTRATING!!!

Scottie22 16th October 2013 20:43

Scottie22 16th October 2013 20:47


This is my bodyshell

Scottie22 16th October 2013 20:48


Scottie22 16th October 2013 20:49


2manytoys 16th October 2013 20:54

Wow! Nice bit of juggling and balancing. Looks Greaaaaat.

Scottie22 16th October 2013 21:12

I finally got a sodding picture on the forum! Can't guarantee doing it again, but I will try.
Before the body shell arrived I tackled the problem of getting decent looking wheels. The Spitfire ones are just that - Spitfire ones.
I wanted replica Dunlop wheels like the original.
The cheapest I could find replicas were in the region of £350 each, which I could not afford ( or rather just would not pay)

I found a company on the internet which were willing to make me wheels
and if I wanted polished ones like Steve McQueen had on his XKSS they said they would cost me- wait for it £1600 AND that was EACH.
I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I didn't bother asking if VAT was to be added.........

In the end, I found I had some 5.5j Triumph GT6 steel wheels, but they were solid disc type. They did not have the 15 one inch holes
and the 15 1/4 inch holes .
So I drilled out 120 holes in total,had them shot blasted, and with the
£6000 odd quid I'd saved by not buying the polished ones took them to a paint shop for a good job.

Scottie22 16th October 2013 21:13

http://<a href="http://s928.photobuc...ps48439140.jpg[/IMG]

Scottie22 16th October 2013 21:14


Scottie22 16th October 2013 21:15


Scottie22 16th October 2013 21:17


Mitchelkitman 16th October 2013 22:08


Originally Posted by Scottie22 (Post 47480)
So I drilled out 130 holes in total,had them shot blasted, and with the
£6000 odd quid I'd saved by not buying the polished ones took them to a paint shop for a good job.

Count again - I make it 120. I admire your patience, it must have taken a lot of time and drill bits. Hope you haven't weakened them too much? Only joking, I'm sure they'll be fine. Look really good. I've also thought steels would be a good alternative to (and a lot cheaper than) wires. I notice a lot of places are selling them for winter wheels - mostly black though, but nothing a coat of paint won't change! Good luck.

Scottie22 16th October 2013 22:33

Yes you are right! 120
Drilling holes is boring.........

It took about an hour per wheel and I still use the same two bits/ hole cutters now

Tribute Automotive 19th October 2013 21:01

Welcome to the Forum Scottie. Your detailing is something I am really looking forward to. Keep on posting those pictures.

Scottie22 20th October 2013 13:43

While I was waiting for my body shell, I had time to work out what I wanted to achieve and how I was going to do that.
Replicas are by definition frauds, and a lot of so called kit cars fall into this category also.

If a Jaguar based XKSS is a fraud, how fraudulent must a Triumph Spitfire based one
Be?? An incredibly naughty fraud I think!
Fraud it may be, but to be half believable, it must be a damned good one, so attention to detail becomes very important.

An XKSS is an iconic car, and a replica must have all of the salient features that make the car unique. After I finished the wheels to as good a standard as I could on my limited budget, I decide to tackle the very obvious side exhaust.
On the original car, the exhaust is on the left because the XK engine has the manifold that side. Unfortunately the Spitfire has the exhaust manifold on the right, which meant having to get the gasses under the car floor and out to the left side.

Because the finished car will be as low as I can get it, I could not use a large bore pipe
To go under the floor, for obvious reasons, then it occurred to me that I could , if I squashed it almost flat.
I worked out the surface area of the original pipe, squashed a much larger one, which when “flat” would give me a little more area than the original pipe and the problem was solved. All I had to do now was make it.

The whole thing including the silencer box was to be made of stainless steel.

I have tried to show the results in the pictures to follow, its not finished yet, but most of the hard work and problems have been sorted out.

The system is made from discarded stainless steel bits and bobs from my local scrapyard at peanut prices. The most expensive buy was the argon gas needed to weld it all up.

Scottie22 20th October 2013 13:45

Scottie22 20th October 2013 13:50

Scottie22 20th October 2013 13:52


Scottie22 20th October 2013 13:55


Scottie22 20th October 2013 13:56


Scottie22 20th October 2013 13:57


Scottie22 20th October 2013 14:05


Scottie22 20th October 2013 16:31

When I was posting the pictures of the wheels earlier on, I forgot to add the pictures of the modified spinners.They were really cheap off ebay, but are quite hefty. They are solid aluminium chromed, and weigh over 630 grams each. I was not happy with the small "toy" bolt which was supposed to hold them in place on the wheel, so I made some small mods,
uprated the bolt, and added a second one, as I just did not trust the way it was designed to stay on!

Scottie22 20th October 2013 16:32


Scottie22 20th October 2013 16:33


Mitchelkitman 20th October 2013 18:05

Going well - I like you approach to the exhaust...... If there's a way, you'll find it!
Now I'm betting you wrecked the drill bit doing all those holes in the stainless!
Nasty old stuff compared with mild steel (to drill).

Scottie22 20th October 2013 18:37

Someone else said I must have wrecked the drill bits and hole cutters, but they are still in good nick considering what they've been through!
I take your point about stainless steel though, I don't even like welding it!

Scottie22 25th October 2013 21:16

The body
The body finally arrived, and one of the first things I wanted to do was put aluminium louvres in the bonnet.
The original car had I think 6 or 7 inch louvres, but because I chose a non flip front end, it came with an ordinary opening type bonnet, which due to the position and width, the full size louvres would not fit/be practical.
I went to B nQ and they had some cheap ally ones about 4 inches wide which I decided to fit.

The XKSS had more louvres on the nearside as that is where all the heat from the exhaust manifold needed to be vented, so mine had to be similar
to look the part.


Scottie22 25th October 2013 21:21



I cut the holes, routered the edges out about half a mil so the alloy would sit almost flush, stuk them in with epoxy resin, filled and sanded. although there will vbe a lot of rubbing down to be done yet to get a perfect finish for a top coat!

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