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EddAllsop 23rd February 2017 00:23

Suspension set up advice please?
Hi all,
It has been a long, long time since I've had anything worth posting, but I am finally optimistic that a 6 year build may be coming to the end!!!!!!
I'm trying to put finishing touches to the car in preparation for its IVA.

Car background, I started building just after Steve aka nutter started his. I believe it was the latest edition of the chassis and suspension, and the donor was the seat Leon 1.8T, which I've finally had all the electrical gremlins sorted and tuned to find out its producing 190bhp!!

I'm near taking it to get 4 point wheel alignment and set the camber, ride height etc and I'm after any parameters you can recommend to set it at. The only info I have to go on is from Steve's extensive build diary which. Gives the following settings:

Ride height is unclear- it talks about suspension arms parallel to the ground. I've loaded 50kgs into both seats and set it to 11cms from the ground to the floor pan (based on max legal height speed bumps in the uk of 10cm???)

Front wheel alignment advises from 3mm toe in, to parallel to 3mm toe out; and a camber of 0.5 to 2 degrees negative.

Rear wheel alignment advised at a toe in of 3 to 5mm and a camber of 0.5 to 2 degrees negative again.

Tyre pressures from 10 to 20 psi advising 16psi for single occupancy to 18psi for two people.

Also can anyone give practical advice on how to decide on and then set the brake bias accurately as for the IVA the brake balance bar now has to be welded so it is completely un changeable to avoid tampering!! I believe the Seat engine an 7 speed gear box is a lot heavier than the rover engines so I'm not quite sure where to start with limited ability to test and then tinker!!

Many thanks

PS I'll try to attach some pics

EddAllsop 23rd February 2017 00:35

1 Attachment(s)
Rear suspension

EddAllsop 23rd February 2017 00:39

Front suspension
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Front suspension.

Ps is there a better way to share pics on this?

bigrich 23rd February 2017 20:48


First of all - well done for getting this far! ...and don't be too disappointed if the first IVA fails; that's normal.

Regarding setup; you are fortunate in that you have the latest ssuspension. That is pretty easily adjusted in situ. As far as settings go I would personally have it a bit higher than you have suggested (particularly if you want the front splitter to clear kerbs / humps. Personally I aimed for Lotus Elise geo settings from SELOC site. This has worked OK for me (similar size, weight and drivetrain setup.)

Dampers - I run between between 6 - 12 clicks from soft on front and rear

Tyres - 15 - 17psi is plenty

...also, be careful with the alignment. I found that the chassis was not symmetrical and so quite a lot of setback on the suspension. A decent 4 wheel alignment will compensate for this, 2 wheel alignment won't and will cause you problems.

Hope this helps


...also, it is worth corner weighting the car. As it is so light then it can also help make a big difference

limpabit 27th February 2017 08:24

Hi Edd,

Well done. Your nearly there now. Until you get to the post IVA modifications you will want to do:laugh:

Tyre pressures and suspension settings look good as a starting point. Afraid no exact science and will probably need to play with settings once on the road. Will need more pressure on track days. Use these settings with two heavy engines (T series turbo and 1.8T Seat Leon). Seems fine.

Easiest way to get pictures posted. Sign up for a free account on a picture hosting site. I use Photobucket. Upload pictures. Each picture will have a IMG link. Like below. Have had to chAnge it a bit otherwise it will display the picture instead of the link.

EXI Turbo 27th February 2017 15:40

I must admit I have never been happy with the handling of mine on the road, although I did make it all the way to Essex to appear in this photo !

I have upgraded front and rear but still having issues, it is either me or there is something fundamentally wrong with mine. This year I have vowed to get it sorted as the car is just sitting in the garage, unloved when it should be buzzing around the lanes and going to a few shows.

Sorry do not mean to put you off, but wanted to say don't expect it to be perfect straight away, it will probably need some tweaking.

EddAllsop 2nd March 2017 10:09

Thanks for the replies, it's very nice to hear from some other 5exi owners. I have nothing to complare it with (first car I've ever built), but this has been a nightmare of a build for various reasons!! But I'm painfully close and I just want to get a fun but safe car on the road now, over 6 years is way too long!!!

I think the saddest points have been finding new components seriously deteriorated having barely been used. Had to buy a second fuel pump sender from CBS as the first had sat in the tank with no fuel long enough to be corroded beyond any function!! Or finding large chunks of powder coat flaking off the rear hubs already!!

I'll send some pics asap, I have gone through phases of both absolutely loving and hating the car, but I'm very proud of it and especially the bits I've modified/made (I'm sure most have similar experiences!!). I don't think it's a good idea to be a perfectionist with a kit car, but hopefully the end result will be worth it

Many thanks

EddAllsop 2nd March 2017 10:14

PS any advice on setting brake bias now IVA requires balance adjustments now have to be welded to permanently prevent adjustment. I see why you wouldn't want it accidentally changing, but permanently preventing adjustment seems very unhelpful and means it's got to be spot on from the start!!

The gov have actually been helpful and provided a run down of top 10 reasons for IVA failures and have a really helpful guide with pics and straight talking advice. Still not expecting to pass first time thought from everyone experiences :(

bigrich 2nd March 2017 21:20


Can't help on brake bias as I don't have an adjustable setup. I know what you mean about powder coat...

Regarding IVA - are you going to Shrewsbury? Reason I ask is that the tester there (10 years ago now) tested mine - first 5exi he had done.

Very thorough - particularly with panel radius inspections and security of cables / brake pipework. I also had to put a heat shield between the bottom of the fuel tank and the radiator pipes / hoses that pass below it.

Also - make sure the rear spoiler/wing is not fitted - instant fail!

Good luck, and let me know when you're on the road - you're only 40 mins from Crewe:)



limpabit 3rd March 2017 16:38

All the builders know how you feel. Been there, felt the same joys and pains (wheels hurt when you kick them!!)

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