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Kuba 12th February 2021 17:14

Thanks Swifty and Micky1mo.

I'm doing my very best with updates and posting photos.
Apart from few purchases there is nothing to report today.
I've bought some nice shiny gauges (second hand) and lots of resin :)

I have a question, what is a bare minimum that I need to have on the rear end by law?
Number plate light? Reflectors?
I looked at different cars and it seems there isn't a definite answer.


redratbike 12th February 2021 20:15

it’s all linked into the year of registration and build/construction regs

redratbike 12th February 2021 20:16

Kuba 12th February 2021 20:20

Thank you redratbike,
I will go through that although at the moment it looks like black magic :)

Mister Towed 12th February 2021 20:50

With my apologies to Redratibike, the lights are covered by the Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations 1989 rather than Construction and Use -

Given that your donor looks like a Mk IV or 1500, so 1970 to 1980, you'll need: a rear number plate lamp; a matched pair of red tail lights; a matched pair of red stop lights (can be integrated into the tail lights and you can have a single, central stop lamp if registered pre 1971) a matched pair of amber indicators; a matched pair of red reflectors; and, if registered after 1st April 1980, a red fog light or pair of fog lights.

The distances apart/from the edges/visibility angles are all covered in the schedules, but it's quite straightforward.

redratbike 12th February 2021 20:59

well you are def. more expert than me so happy to bow in submission to someone with superior knowledge

or i could say what the hell do i know anyway ha ha ha

Kuba 12th February 2021 20:59

Thank you MisterTowed,

This is great help. And yes my donor is mk4 spot on.
Assuming that red tail/stop lights has a bit of reflectors incorporated into lense will that classify as legal?
Thanks again

Mister Towed 13th February 2021 07:12

In the case of your car, assuming it was registered after 1st July 1970, you'll need reflectors that have 'approval marks'.

It's covered in Schedule 18, part 1, paragraph 5, subsection (a) (ii) -

5. Markings–

(a) A motor vehicle first used–

(ii)On or after 1st July 1970 and before 1st April 1991:

(A)An approval mark incorporating “I” or “IA”, or

(B)A British Standard mark which is specified in sub-paragraph (i) of the definition of “British Standard mark” below followed by “LI” or “LIA”

So, if your rear lights incorporate suitably marked reflectors then they're fine, but if they just reflect a bit of light or aren't marked then you'll need separate reflectors.

The good news is that the rest of the regulations are pretty lax for a pre 1986 car: you need a pair of reflectors which don't even need to be a matched pair. They need to be a maximum of 1525mm from the ground and a maximum of 600mm from the edges of the vehicle with no minimum separation distance. They can be any size and so long as they're at the back of the vehicle and visible from the rear, there are no angles of visibility to consider.


Mick O'Malley 13th February 2021 08:03

Ripped from a Westfield site.

Regards, Mick

Kuba 13th February 2021 08:19

This is gold. Thank you!

Mister Towed 13th February 2021 08:23

That's useful for reference but it's based on the regulations for a fairly recent car.

The rules for older cars differ in some key areas: there's no minimum height requirement for the reflectors on a pre 1985 car, they can legally be almost touching the ground. There's also no minimum separation or minimum height for the reflectors pre 1985, so long as they're no more than 600mm from the edges, less than 1525mm high and symmetrical, you can put them where you like. You also don't need a rear fog light on a pre 1980 car, although it's probably a good idea to have one for those misty autumn morning drives.

The lighting regs look complicated with lots of clauses, sub sections and exceptions, but it's all pretty straightforward if you know the date when your car was registered.

Mick O'Malley 13th February 2021 09:00

Useful info!
Thanks Towed :)

Here's my interpretation, with reflectors low and inboard.

Regards, Mick

Kuba 13th February 2021 09:15

Great info.
Thanks again Mister Towed and Mick O'Malley

Kuba 13th February 2021 19:20

4 Attachment(s)
Today's progress:
So there wasn't much I could do today in terms of body work. I took my beloved grinder and made some more stainless steel cladding:)
Plan is that entire boot is covered with steel apart from wheel arches. I think I need one more day to complete that.
I had a whole sheet that came from commercial kitchen refurbishment last year that now comes very handy. I have more plans with stainless steel in the car at later stage, watch this space
I also managed to treat all exposed metal with red oxide paint including bulkhead but took no photo.
I am starting bigger job project on Monday so my updates will reduce a lot.
Some pictures to tell rest of a story.
Have a good weekend

Kuba 15th February 2021 21:59

Hi. Nothing happened in the garage itself but postman delivered some parts today. My 1 inch lowering block arrived along with indicators and headlight cowls.
You might be happy that I've decided to go with larger wheels too.
I have bought 15" just not sure if they fit yet.
I'm considering to put 15" at the back and 14" at the front. Any reason why I shouldn't do that? I hope you can help me to answer that...
Thanks and till next time.

Kuba 16th February 2021 20:41

I didn't managed to go to a garage today but at least some parts arrived. I got front spax shocks and springs. Still waiting for ashtray for my dash as well as bradex "jet" fire extinguisher.
Also today I've been speaking with Jason at MWS. Very helpful guy by the way. I confirmed that 52mm spline hub doesn't really work on small triumph running gear as PCD is a little too small. So I've ordered 42mm hubs that can take 14' or 15' wheels (those would be my first brand new items so far)
Take care

kon 19th February 2021 16:30


Originally Posted by Kuba (Post 105927)
I'm considering to put 15" at the back and 14" at the front.

It's normally the other way round isnt it? Bigger wheels on the front to handle the bigger brakes, with lower profile tyres, for sharper handling, and then smaller wheels on the rear, with bigger tyres to give a softer ride and more of a muscle-car type look. The way you suggest would give it a forward rake, which i believe may handle better, but might look odd. The main reason i'd say is just personal preference... maybe try to borrow some, so you can try it and see what you like the look and feel of?

redratbike 19th February 2021 17:54

always big wheels back smaller wheels front

it’s not a front wheel drive max power special

Mister Towed 19th February 2021 20:06

Either way I'd keep them the same size front and rear to avoid the Wacky Races look.

Kuba 19th February 2021 20:35

Thank for response to all of you. I understand a point with wacky races look but in the end it would be a 50's race car lookalike of sort.
I will have a go as soon as I get hold of some suitable 14' wheels.
I think my wheel arches will have a final say that as I'm not prepared to cut them out to accommodate larger wheels :)
Work doesn't allow me to play at the moment so not much to report.
My ashtray and fire extinguisher arrived today as well as my wheel adaptors from MWS (beautiful :) )
Also I'm contemplating taking off spitfire shell from a chassis to see what else needs doing. That was one thing I really didn't want to do but I think will be worth it in a long run.
I should mention that my mechanical skills as well as knowledge is rather limited :D
Thanks again for suggestions and till next time.

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