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Kuba 30th May 2021 16:02

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molleur 30th May 2021 16:30

looking good! One bite at a time!

Kuba 31st May 2021 11:07

Thank you Molleur,

I stumbled across two problems where tips would be mostly appreciated.

1. How to separate a top ball joint and anti roll bar links?
2. Effective and swear proof way to press new bushes?

Thank you and enjoy today's sunshine (hopefully driving)

redratbike 31st May 2021 11:10

bite the bullet and but a ball joint separator

new bushes if you haven’t got a press then try something like this

Kuba 1st June 2021 22:20

Thank you redratbike.
I now bought separator and DIY press kit.
Regards Kuba

Kuba 6th June 2021 01:36

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Hi, Today I spent few hours in my garage.
I carried more work on front suspension as well as front bit of a chassis. I've removed anti roll bar, clips, cleaned vertical links etc. Basically lots of stripping old paint, sanding down, applying rust converter, primer and paint.
Results can be seen on photos.
My diy press kit arrived but run out of time to test it/press any bushes.
All together satisfying day.
All the best Kuba

Kuba 12th June 2021 23:40

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Today I locked myself in my cave from early morning till about now (11pm) :)

My front suspension is done, rebuild with all new bushes, new bolts, nuts and washers. I have also decided to add new top ball joints, tie track rod ends and anti roll bar links. Plus spax shocks and uprated springs.

I managed to finished LH that I started last week and also entire RH corner.
Pictures attached to illustrate progress.

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