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Danny_HUFC 10th December 2014 10:04

Now that car is cool!

WorldClassAccident 10th December 2014 17:45

What about a modification that keeps a bit of the BMW DNA?

Designed by BMW to fulfil the wish of a 4 year old apparently

WorldClassAccident 11th December 2014 16:18

or on a different note. I have a heap of junk ML430 looking a bit like this

Bentley are producing a pig ugly SUV looking something like this

So Chris, what are your views on doing a Bentley style kit?

Mister Towed 11th December 2014 17:19

I'm sure Bentley would be cool about it...

DSG4ME 11th December 2014 17:48

Here's a Porsche Cayenne/Bentley Mix built in China !

zagmad 11th December 2014 18:42

What if you made it more retro. Maybe bit American pick up . Bit of Chevrolet. Or hot rod eg bit of bulge on the bonnet and curvy wings. Instead of bull bars an aggressive chrome bumper and matching wide lower grill.

zagmad 11th December 2014 18:43

Or you could go down the old land rover look

Scottie22 11th December 2014 21:09

Don't mention the "B" word, it may offend someone..............

Danny_HUFC 12th December 2014 08:56

Speaking of bently, how about a continental gt style replica?......

WorldClassAccident 12th December 2014 09:27

Speaking of bently, how about a continental gt style replica?......

The stuff of legends

zagmad 12th December 2014 17:18

Could make a modified lancia aurellia with a squarer grill. ;-)

y cymro 13th December 2014 10:15


Originally Posted by zagmad (Post 61950)
Could make a modified lancia aurellia with a squarer grill. ;-)

Why on earth would you want to change an Aurelia?

Scottie22 13th December 2014 10:53

Because I feel in a wicked mood, I would say because people out driving would not want to be mistaken for Noddy!

zagmad 13th December 2014 15:47

Rover p5 convertible ?

zagmad 13th December 2014 16:04

But being honest. I quite like the look of the Ferrari 250 gte 2+2. Their are other variations of 2+2 but for me the 250 gte has a certain appeal. Mix of 50's and 60's styling. And a swb style nose shape.

WorldClassAccident 13th December 2014 18:12

Just scrolling through the thread and MrsWCA saw the DS / 911 mash up and said whe liked it. Preferred this bit of photoshopping.

Chris - Is it do-able and is it something you would be interested in doing?

I am sure I can find an old 911 kicking around somewhere and I know where there are a couple of DS in a barn...

Quick check on Autotrader show 11 for less than 10K :

DSG4ME 13th December 2014 18:23

Now that's one car I would like to see from Chris.

WorldClassAccident 13th December 2014 18:25

Tricky to pick the Porsche donor though. The classic ones are too expensive to cut and the moderns don't quite look right.

I will ponder further

zagmad 13th December 2014 18:30

What donor would you start from. Porsche,CitroŽn,beetle chassis. Or front engine rear drive bm. Maybe a lowered beetle with wings boot and bonnet removed.

WorldClassAccident 14th December 2014 07:37

Ideally a 911 Turbo

zagmad 14th December 2014 08:35

Mr2 mk2,mk3. Porsche boxster. Mid engine room for a squishy bag.

WorldClassAccident 14th December 2014 09:31

Alpha 14th December 2014 10:40

A Porsche Boxter with a Citroen DS nose???

Sounds nuts but it might just turn out to be quite interesting!

landmannnn 14th December 2014 12:17

I don't get it, a decent 911 from the 80s is £20k, a DS probably nearer £30k. Why would you chop one of them up to look like a frankenstein version of the other?

WorldClassAccident 14th December 2014 17:12

That's why I switched to the Cayman. Gets rid of the push you pull me looks

Scottie22 14th December 2014 18:31

Landmannn said:

I don't get it, a decent 911 from the 80s is £20k, a DS probably nearer £30k. Why would you chop one of them up to look like a frankenstein version of the other?
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Must be a lot of people agree with that sentiment myself included!

Tribute Automotive 14th December 2014 19:09

My 2 pence worth:

Mk3 MR2 + Covin 911 kit + splash mould from "barn find" DS front end.

WorldClassAccident 14th December 2014 19:18

Okay Chris - Is it on your development plan?

Tribute Automotive 14th December 2014 19:46


Originally Posted by WorldClassAccident (Post 61997)
Okay Chris - Is it on your development plan?

Not without "funding" and my waiting list is rather long at the moment. But as always, happy to discuss.

BTW you would look far cooler in the "round door" Nick.

WorldClassAccident 14th December 2014 19:47

Hmm, will sound out Mrs WCA

DSG4ME 15th December 2014 07:24

I think there is a big difference in price between buying a used Boxter and a Cayman.
You can find a Cayman style hardtop by Zeintop which is made for the Boxter.

Has anyone thought of a Porsche body with the front of the best Citroen ever, the Maserati Citroen SM?

completenovice22 20th December 2014 17:00

Just been looking through this thread and thought I'd add my thoughts. Has anyone considered the Aston Martin DB5? James Bonds car. I'm thinking of it also as a commercially viable option for Chris, Everybody loves my MX but as classic car the DB has a lot of admirer's and I think it may be a commercial success. Problem is, what car do you base it on?

DSG4ME 22nd December 2014 19:01

How about a Z3 or Pontiac Solstice based version of this:

DSG4ME 22nd December 2014 19:05

Sorry, pressed the wrong link. It should be:

zagmad 22nd December 2014 19:47

Hi dsg4meb,
Just wondered :-). How would a 250swb look with a 250 GTE 2+2 grill. With the lights in the grill. Thought best to keep it in the Ferrari family this time. If you have a spare 5 mins

Scottie22 23rd December 2014 13:42

If Chris started knocking some thing like this out in bolt-on panel form,
I think even I would be interested.
This must have been Volkwagen's best kept secret, and is a VW SP2 from 1974.

Extemely rare now, they did not sell well as they were under powered, (1700cc air cooled)

The SP stood for "Sao Paulo" as they were made in Brazil at the time.




zagmad 23rd December 2014 14:25

Would suit front engine. With a muscle car grill. Shape looks great. Especially the back end

zagmad 23rd December 2014 14:27

Reminds me of the new jag coupe . the f type

Scottie22 23rd December 2014 14:29

Just what I thought Zag, really nice shape, only discovered it yesterday!
Brazil only exported several hundred of them, and by all accounts there are only 5 in the whole of the US, which makes it very rare.

Scottie22 23rd December 2014 14:31

It would need dropping down a bit and some decent wheels on it........

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