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Barber 25th July 2016 13:08


Originally Posted by Paul L (Post 81355)
Mr T - Spooky!

While the rest of my family were still asleep, I'd actually re-read this build tread from the start this morning.

So I know the post about the windscreen is here:

Hope that helps, Paul. :)

HouseMartin - Re-reading the thread confirms what an epic job you have done to reach this stage. :cool:

:icon_smile: Paul, I am still discovering many for the first time, but recognise the behaviour.

HouseMartin 27th July 2016 00:09


Originally Posted by scimjim (Post 81340)
I take it the fan was wired the wrong way?

Jim, that was what I though.

But on inspection the blades are shaped such that it moves more air when rotating in one direction.
In effect a previous owner had fitted a suck fan but placed it in front of the radiator, explaining why it had a habit of overheating.
It worked great sucking air from around the engine when the car was in the shed, but not so good when driving.
It might have been simpler to get a push fan but I have this habit of making do from what i have.
I keep cutting up bits of the old fiberglass roof, bonnet and doors to bridge the wheel arches, make interior panel and strengthen the G46 body etc.

Chesil were more than happy to supply the 500 screen, they said my money was as good as anyone else.
The kit came with all the rubbers, trim and bolts all tapes in position. Good quality cast uprights with a great chrome finish.
There were 2 problems:
1. The g46 scuttle did not match the curves of the bottom of the screen at the angle I required.

2. I had to extend the metal frame so that the uprights had something solid
to bolt up to as I suspect the fiberglass body would not be strong enough.

The roads are very quiet, but narrow so you have to be prepared to pull up suddenly for the odd flock of sheep, deer, hare, cyclist or combine harvester.
I do wonder how far I would have to drive before I pass one of those car tax cameras.

I did see a police car pass pass the house the other day but found out he was off to a road accident a few miles away
where a driver had met a supermarket home delivery van and taken a diversion into the roadside hedge. :icon_surprised:

My original thought is BRG, but I quite like the vignale two tone black and green.

However, looking at the car from the rear, the 550 screen draws me to the classic silver made popular by Mister Towed. (I might have to swap the lights, add fake air intakes and red stripes)

Thanks for the kind comments Guys.
You cannot put a price on the help all those other builds have been in getting me through my various problems.


Mister Towed 27th July 2016 06:12

Cheers HM, thanks for the heads up on Chesil and the 550 screen. Out of interest, how much did they charge you for the complete screen assembly? I believe Martin & Walker retail theirs for 500 all in.

Oh, and I'm going to be designing my own internal framework for the Speedster I'm building so mounting the screen posts won't be a problem.

Good luck choosing a colour - I love silver (obviously) and I found it to be a very forgiving colour for an amateur sprayer, but that black and dark green finish on the Vignale Spider does look fab, and I have a feeling that dark colours might just suit the larger G46 slightly better than light colours.

Keep up the good work. :)

Oh, and just found the link to Chesil's accessories page so I've answered my own question - 27th July 2016 11:54

AS Towed says his Silver is fantastic but also belie the size of the G46 needs to be in a dark colour love the BRG & black mix.

I haven't even considered colour at this stage, the other G46 on the road quite near here was done in Old English White and looks good and so did the Red one and the Dark Blue one.

Ahh!! sorry I asked the question it's a mine field.

Roadster 27th July 2016 16:20

I agree with the other comments
The G46 is a big car and I think the 2 tone is the way to go.
How about another vignale as inspiration

Triumph Special 27th July 2016 18:58

Oh my days, which Vignale-bodied car is that?! Amazing looking thing!

Roadster 27th July 2016 19:29


Originally Posted by Triumph Special (Post 81451)
Oh my days, which Vignale-bodied car is that?! Amazing looking thing!

Here you go Triumph - its very pretty

Triumph Special 27th July 2016 19:37

Thank you. :) Now just to copy and paste that into the 'What would you like Chris to build...' thread!

Mister Towed 27th July 2016 20:08

Front arch alignment could do with a bit of fettling... 28th July 2016 13:38


Originally Posted by Mister Towed (Post 81454)
Front arch alignment could do with a bit of fettling...

Must be a Sammio!

Roadster 28th July 2016 19:17

I think it just goes to show that sometimes we are to picky.

A beautifully hand crafted Ferrari
The attention to detail on the rest of the car and the finish of the paint and interior means that they obviously wanted that arch shape.

Perhaps if we start looking at paintings, sculptures and other works of art ,we can find fault with them

garyh 28th July 2016 20:23


Originally Posted by (Post 81471)
Must be a Sammio!

only if the rear arches don't match the front...:eyebrows:

lancelot link 28th July 2016 23:15

Only if the bodyshells were only about 800 ... 29th July 2016 06:30


Originally Posted by lancelot link (Post 81492)
Only if the bodyshells were only about 800 ...


You got me there! sorry did not mean to be rude

lancelot link 29th July 2016 21:05


Originally Posted by (Post 81496)

You got me there! sorry did not mean to be rude

No offence taken or apologies required mate ...I'm very aware of the irregularities of my old bodyshells ....but having done some work on a Ram or Realm derived D type recently , trust me ...they are not much better ..but were certainly much dearer ... :-)

garyh 29th July 2016 21:42


Originally Posted by lancelot link (Post 81492)
Only if the bodyshells were only about 800 ...

And I still wouldn't swap my one for the world... And look forward to adjusting it in the future.

Mister Towed 30th July 2016 06:54

It's a funny old thing, but when I visit vintage and classic race meetings I am always blown away by the overall beauty of the cars from the 50's and 60's.

But if you really look at them, up close, the panel fit and gaps can be very haphazard, the (original) paint poorly applied and some of the design features can be very clumsy.

Take that (gorgeous) Ferrari Vignale above. Beautiful car but if it was a kit car body you'd be telling the designer to sort out that front wheelarch arrangement as it looks like they couldn't be bothered to finish that end of the car.

The shape of the arch and placement of the wheel within it are very strange and the transition from the grille surround into the front of the arch is also somewhat ungainly. I suppose there may be some functional reason for this, but I just can't think of one.

Vignale were able to get away with that though because people are dazzled by the Ferrari badge and the overall look of the rest of the car - Ferraris are beautiful and this is a Ferrari, ergo, this must be what beauty is.

So, I suppose my point is: is it really fair to compare the Sammio designs against a notion of perfection when the actual cars of the period they represent were often imperfect themselves?

Answers on a post-card...

DaveP 30th July 2016 20:34

I'm not sure they had enough airflow on that burgundy model.

Needs a bigger grill

Dave :)

lancelot link 30th July 2016 20:58

That Ferrari's face is definitely an acquired taste ...not for me I'm afraid ..The car has a bit of early 50's Cunningham about it as well ..

The later ones are prettier ...Ferrari got it so right , so often ..but sometimes it was like they were too experimental for their own good ...I think Towed is right , though , put the right badge on anything and the kids will dig it ...

JJMCD 31st July 2016 02:40

FWIW, the burgundy Ferrari is a rebody done relatively recently on a 1960's Ferrari 330 chassis, not a real 1950s Ferrari Vignale bodied car, which should help explain its oversized grill and other ungainly design features. It has been discussed in the non-period rebodies section of the vintage board on

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