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Apollo 8th February 2017 04:24

Apollo Verona
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This Apollo Verona is new to me but built by the factory. However, a number were sold in kit form. Uses many GM components. Very well made and handles great.

Apollo 8th February 2017 04:25

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Apollo 8th February 2017 04:38

One more pic
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From car show in Las Vegas

Apollo 7th August 2018 00:12

New interior
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New interior on Apollo.

oxford1360 7th August 2018 08:06

That's a neat car.

Apollo 7th August 2018 16:20

Thanks Oxford 1360
Thanks Oxford. It is my daily driver. Actually drives like a modern car. Also, with a v8 it leaves everyone at stop lights. Disc front brakes help stop it. The suspension was race tuned by Herb Adams so it handles very well.

Apollo 7th August 2018 16:26

Verona and Morgan plus 8 at car show.
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Recent car show with Apollo Verona and Morgan plus 8. Clearly some similarity.

Apollo 7th August 2018 16:30

New picture of Apollo Verona
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Here is a recent picture of Apollo.

Apollo 7th August 2018 16:43

Apollo Verona top up
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Although top seldom up in Las Vegas, I think it looks decent.

peterux 7th August 2018 19:39

That's a very pretty car! Well bought sir.

Apollo 7th August 2018 19:52

Thanks Peterux
Thanks. It was expensive new. List price in 1983 was $48,500. Well built. Some of kits were very well done. Only built 44 at factory so it took me a while to find one. Been very happy with it.

Apollo 7th August 2018 19:56

Peterux is that a Royale?
Royale sabre my favorite replica. Never seen one in person but I love the look.

peterux 8th August 2018 19:58


Originally Posted by Apollo (Post 96337)
Royale sabre my favorite replica. Never seen one in person but I love the look.

Hi Apollo,
yes, I'm building a Royale Sabre. Not sure if there are any in NA?

dPrime 26th September 2018 00:18

Awesome car! That must be a chick magnet.

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