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micky1mo 13th April 2019 19:32

I fitted a new exhaust to a friend's Freelander and kept the old pipe work.

I trimmed it down a little.

It was a near fit but the silencer exit pipe fell short so I extended the whole thing by about 60mm and all was good.

So, it might not be a shinny 600 stainless steel performance exhaust but it is a complete functional side exit exhaust that has been made for the cost of a little time, a few scrap parts, some welding consumables and a few rubber exhaust mounts. :dance:
If I get a spare 600 I might replace it but for now you just can't beat "much cheapness" :amen:

Finally, just to put the cherry-on-the-cake the GPS speedo arrived and fitted perfect.

On the whole it's been a very satisfying day all round. :lalala:

molleur 13th April 2019 22:11

Nice work on the exhaust. A dab of high temp paint will do wonders.

micky1mo 14th April 2019 18:49

The finished exhaust ended up very close to the body.

As I like the way many of the original "D" type's recessed the silencer into the body I thought I would try and copy them.
First I cut a hole a little bigger than the silencer into the body.

Then I made a fiberglass mould using a cardboard tube.

I fitted the moulded section into the hole which matched the silencer just right.

Finally I took moleur advice ad added some VHT paint.

Again I very pleased with the results. :roll:

molleur 14th April 2019 23:59

looking good! Well done

redratbike 17th April 2019 19:57

I think wrapping the pipe before the silencer would look good

Paul L 18th April 2019 07:27

Mike Great news that you might have a potential buyer lied up. :cool:

Especially as if they put their money where their mouth is, they could decide the final colour etc.

Good luck, Paul. :)

micky1mo 5th May 2019 18:28

Had a chase-up phone call on the "D" type so it's back on the ramp!!

This time I removed the body work.

I intend to finish the electrics, note the GPS speedo sender on the top rail.

The passenger side dash is now finished and the gerrbox tunnel covered :smile:

The fuel tank was behind the seats but after I reworked the hand brake setup I was able to re-use the original tank which sits under the rear floor.

With the fuel tank removed I rebuilt the rear cage frame giving better access to the "new" luggage area under the rear body.

Now that most of the interior floor is now covered I intend to re-paint every thing in silver before finally fixing the body down. :target:.

micky1mo 11th May 2019 16:57

Repainted the interior in silver.
I also re-worked the rear body support giving better access to the boot area.

Looking much better. :eusa_dance:

micky1mo 11th May 2019 17:00

Repainted the interior in silver.
I also re-worked the rear body support giving better access to the boot area.

IMHO, It Looks much better. :eusa_dance:

With the body off the effort that when into the exhaust down pipe is evident. :ohwell:

micky1mo 13th May 2019 18:59

The body is now screwed and bonded into place.

I can finally start "filling in" the gaps left behind. :icon_biggrin:

Paul L 14th May 2019 17:59

looks like this is all coming together nicely. :cool:

micky1mo 14th May 2019 19:41

Got around to finishing the aluminium work on bulk head area. :high5:

As there was room I thought I would make the N/S inner wing into a storage box, which should prove very useful in the future. :nerd:

Mental note = get help when handling and cutting a 8' x 4' sheet of aluminium !!!!!

Next troublesome task is fitting the doors properly!! :fear:

lancelot link 15th May 2019 11:40

Some good progress there ...If you are using the Tribute 'Mono-hinge' items , I found them quite easy to fit , getting the flex out of them , as with any hinge of this style , is the tricky bit didn't matter so much on a race car if it chipped the paint a little by flexing , but it's a bit more important on our recreations ..The blue F120GR has little locating pins at the rear bottom corner of each door to hold them when closed the same way a lot of cabriolets over the years have done ..

micky1mo 15th May 2019 13:24

The hinges are the Tribute " Mono-hinge" style..
There are now welded to the frame work but getting the door to shut well is going to be an effort !

Not helped by the fact I fitted the inner body door shuts flat to the car only to find out they should have been set on a angle to accommodate the door inner skins. :icon_redface:

I intend to use these bear claw door catches.

They will hold the doors shut and the pins should help locate the doors in place. :tape:.

micky1mo 21st May 2019 19:27

Here my problem with the doors.

Unfortunately I made the door inner shuts flat where as they should have a inward slope.

This meant the hinge bottom edge had to be cut to fit.

As did the bottom of the drivers door.

In contrast the passengers door fits much better! Although the bottom of the hinge still had to be cut to clear the inner door shut.

The main time and effort will go into getting to door to function properly and get a reasonable shut line. :eusa_think:


micky1mo 27th May 2019 19:47

Got to play with the front suspension today.

This was the standard set-up.

This is the first effort which I thought was about right.

I was going to leave it at this height but found I couldn't get my ramp jack out as the ground clearance between chassis and floor was only 50mm !!!

After some effort I ended up with this.

I am left with a ground clearance of around 70mm which will have to do for now. :doubt:

micky1mo 27th May 2019 19:58


Originally Posted by micky1mo (Post 99273)
Delivered a Spyder body to a new customer and after a long chat traded a wind screen and half tonneau cover for this.

His son abandoned it a few years ago. He thought it was a Z600.
Turns out it's a ZX10. :peace:

This beasty is now running and moving under it's own power :peace:

The question now is what to do with it? :nerd:
I have always fancied building a "drop tank racer" but getting hold of a suitable tank is difficult now-a-days. :icon_frown:

molleur 27th May 2019 20:23

foam and fiberglass come to mind.

micky1mo 3rd June 2019 16:41

The "D" type replica now has a lovely bright blue spark but fuelling issues have now appeared.

I think it's because the carbs are at the wrong angle to the manifold.

If you look closely the "flat edge" of the float chamber is angled back about 15 degrees.
I think this angle is preventing to floats from doing their job of shutting off the fuel. When I turn on the ignition I get fuel pissing-out of the carbs like six water pistols which is quite funny to see but dangerous in the workshop!! :scared:

The regulator I have on the fuel pump is turned right down but this makes no difference. :sad:

I think I am going to have to remake the inlet manifold !!!

micky1mo 7th June 2019 19:40

Re-made the inlet manifold using the first part of the old manifold and added silicon tube to make up the rest.

This has now altered the angle the cabs sit at.

I also adjusted the float height on all carbs.
Thankfully this stopped the water pistol effect and I could now try and start the car. :thumb:

On turning the key the engine spins over but not at a good speed.
I suspected the battery so a new battery was purchased. This helped but I had to bite-the-bullet and get a new starter motor so not much change out of 250!!!:mad2:

The motor now spins over nicely with a nice blue spark and after much effort I finally got the engine to run but it would only run at idle speed and run very lumpy.
When I tried to open the throttle it just coughed and spluttered.

As the ignition timing was about right I think it's a fuel issue so on checking the jets I found the idle jets are 12.5 and main jet are 137.5

Idle jets range from 10 to 60 so I went for a mid range jets at 35.
Main jet range from 10 to 160 so I went for the largest jets at 160.
All should be here next week.
Again not much change from 70 so a very expensive few days. :faint:

Also I have now fitted an alternator in the tight spot between the engine and suspension turret and attempted to completed the cooling system.
I say attempted because the cooling system appeared quite confusing with several strangely placed take off points so I just took an educated guess at where I thought the pipes should run and have hopefully got it some where near right.

Still hopping the drive this on or before the 21st of the month!:lalala:

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