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P B-B 28th January 2014 21:22

Sienna countach rep
Hi everyone, new to the forum and need a little help.
I find myself interested in a Sienna countach for sale in Germany.
Was a factory built car with ford cosworth turbo engine.
Been sitting for a number of years and needs a complete re-furb.
Black with grey interior. Also some damage to the rear.
The sort of project i am looking for.
I was wondering if anyone hear know's of the car as i believe only 25 were made?
Not sure of a value for a car in this condition?
I have done some research but cannot uncover much in the way of detail for Sienna cars.
Also any other advice on Sienna rep's would be helpful?
Thanking you in advance. Regards Phil.

Axel 29th January 2014 06:14

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Hi Phil

the Sienna belongs to a friend of mine near Uelzen/Germany. I haven't seen it pesonally, but he has had another Sienna black/beige and that one looked perfect. He planned to put a BMW V12 in it, never found out if he has done it. I have had a Countach Rep myself 2 years ago and I have just found out it is for sale again:

This one I have built myself, and the amazing details were the periscope roof (which I have never seen before on a replica), metal doorframes from the original Countach, curved side windows, original windscreen with integrated antenna and many other original Countach parts. I have never found out what base it was, but it is definetely no Saier, the Saier is just in the papers.
If I think about how much you will spend in time/money for the offered Sienna, I wonder if it would make sense to go for my old Countach which is in running condition, but that is just my 2 cents, and it depends if you want a RHD or a LHD.
The weakest point on my car was the engine. It was definetely underpowered with the 150HP Renault engine... ;-)

Hope this info helps

Axel from Hamburg/Germany

P B-B 29th January 2014 07:22

Thank you Axel for your reply. Have to say i did see your old car for sale and thought how well it had been put together. A credit to you.
One big reason for me wanting a project is so i can personalize the car to my own requirements. I want the shape but it must also have the performance to match. I also love to tinker in my spare time. Helps me to relax and a sense of achievement.
Your friend does not seem to answer his emails? He did respond to my original request but not to anything since then. I have even tried to ring him.
I was perhaps thinking it might be a scam.

P B-B 29th January 2014 07:29

Hi again Axel, don't know if you could let your friend know i have tried to contact him but been unsuccessful? Thanks.

Axel 29th January 2014 08:15

Hi Phil

his name is Dirk and his email is

Anyway, I will tell him you have tried to get in touch with him.

I appreciate your comments about my old Countach.
I am building for the same reasons, fun to create, to tinker, to relax, and when they are finished I sell them... ;-)

P B-B 29th January 2014 11:20

Thanks Axel. One last question does the chap speak English because unfortunately i do not speak German. By the way i am wanting a RHD car as i am from the UK.

Axel 29th January 2014 11:36

He speaks english, should be no problem...

P B-B 30th January 2014 07:09

Thanks Axel. Dirk emailed me yesterday. Cheers.

AcC8braman 30th January 2014 10:11

Also, go on to

P B-B 30th January 2014 11:37


Originally Posted by AcC8braman (Post 51543)
Also, go on to

Thanks for that.
I have already registered on this forum but for some reason it will not allow me to post or PM anyone. Strange.
I would love to speak to other Sienna owners. To hear their thoughts

ian roberts 30th January 2014 12:31

Hi Phil, I am building a Sienna, Essex. Where are you based ?
cheers Ian

P B-B 30th January 2014 12:51


Originally Posted by ian roberts (Post 51552)
Hi Phil, I am building a Sienna, Essex. Where are you based ?
cheers Ian

Hi Ian and thanks for the reply. I am in London so would great to see what you are doing and hear about the process.

AcC8braman 30th January 2014 20:16

Tried this:

P B-B 30th January 2014 21:05


Originally Posted by AcC8braman (Post 51587)

Thanks for that. Tried that Site too. Very useful. Cheers.

P B-B 3rd February 2014 16:32

Anyone here know of any other Sienna's for sale?

AcC8braman 3rd February 2014 16:59

Try DC Supercars, they may have something for you :)

P B-B 3rd February 2014 17:27

I think that is a good idea. Will have to pay them a visit. Thanks again.

hemicuda 18th February 2014 16:50

still for sale,
hi phil,more pix in a few days

JG 2nd March 2014 22:20

Loving that picture :hail:

SiennaAlan 23rd April 2019 20:48

Alan Booth from Sienna Cars
Hello to all, I know this is a very late post but I've only just come across this forum.

I am the original developer, owner and operator of Siena cars when it was based in the UK. I designed and developed the car and the company and ran it for many years until we stop trading and I moved to New Zealand.

I still have the original drawings and pattern work and I now run a waterjet cutting company so considerably could produce parts however I'm sure they're all available in Europe as so many have been reproduced.

There are a number of websites who have told the story and have some facts but I still find a good deal of the facts about the development, the build and the number of cars reproduced are erroneous and at best only partially accurate.

If you want to know about a specific car please send me as much detail as possible and we will look through our records.

Happy building
kind regards

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