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Dale j 11th November 2017 15:48

new build east cost
Thanks Gary for photo of bulk head. the car is now striped down and i will be taking engine and gearbox out next week. this will be my first kit car i have made that did not come in a box, i will up load photos as i go along

lancelot link 11th November 2017 18:03

Welcome to the forum Dale ...I did put a bit about your car on another thread if you want to continue that one or post your details here ..eithers cool with me ...looking forward to see it develop mate ...

Paul L 12th November 2017 18:14

Dale - Welcome to the forum. :cool:

From the photo Gary posted on the other thread, it looks a very tight squeeze in your garage.

But I hope it will protect you from the worst of the weather as my toes are still cold after working outside earlier today. :rolleyes:

Good luck, Paul. :)

lancelot link 13th November 2017 08:52


Originally Posted by Dale j (Post 91691)
This will be my first kit car I have made that did not come in a box

Just picking up on what you said there Dale ...I'm glad you get that ...a lot of enquiries I get refer to the whole package and an instruction manual etc.
I come from a Hot Rod and Special building background and these cars follow that ethos ...they aren't out of the box , but I think that is a strength and not a weakness ...the ability to create the car , your way , with guidelines but no rules is far more appealing to me ...

That flexibility has proved with previous S*mmio's etc. that cars can be built with a variety of different styling traits which keeps things exciting and interesting .... Not everyone wants that , I know , but there are other options for them , The MEV Replicar etc. but in my opinion , they are less convincing as Evocations than our cars ...

lancelot link 14th November 2017 19:39

Dale sent me some pictures of progress today ...
good image hosting

lots of surface rust as expected on a car that has been sat , but not as bad as many I have seen ...

I'd change that siderail to a box section whilst repairing it and that'll deal with two things at the same time ....
good image hosting

Bulkheads been cut down ...but still needs to go a bit further ....this will all be looking very familiar to the S*mmio crowd !!
good image hosting

Great start Dale ...that bulkhead looks pretty good ...

Dale j 14th November 2017 20:13

Thanks Gary for putting pictures on.the bulkhead is cut down and off now and i am putting new box section all the way round the car.just got the engine and gearbox to take out now will send more pictures in a week

davecymru 15th November 2017 13:05

ahh the memories :)

Good luck with the build matey and please keep us updated as i know we're all interested to see how you put your stamp on the build.

Plus we're always on the lookout to quite happily nick any really cool ideas you come up with :)

metalmanbryan 15th November 2017 15:42

Hi what is donor car I like suspension set up thanks bryan

redratbike 15th November 2017 16:05


Originally Posted by metalmanbryan (Post 91802)
Hi what is donor car I like suspension set up thanks bryan

Triumph vitesse

lancelot link 18th December 2017 19:54

Dale has been busy ....Chassis all welded and painted ...

lancelot link 17th January 2018 20:51

I have been chatting with Dale this week and he's put his order in for the body and frame ...THANK YOU DALE.

He also sent me some updates and this is what he had to say ....

Hi Gary

brake pipes in, engine, in suspension done, all done with poly bushes. Just got to send gearbox for a rebuild. brakes will be done next day or two just waiting for the post for some parts here are some photos

lancelot link 6th February 2018 20:19

Dale and his dad came down yesterday from Norfolk to pic their kit up ...really good to meet them and chat .....
I asked him to message me when they got home , its an epic jouirney and I was very grateful to them for putting themselves out to come and collect my kit ...It gave Dale a chance to see the Scimitar build too ...

Dale sent me these pictures of the kit in its 'snug' new home ....

Car photographer 9th February 2018 11:52


lancelot link 4th June 2018 18:53

Dale has sent me some more pictures ...

Body is on ..steering in , handbrake mounted ...

bonnet is hung

looking good so far ...

molleur 4th June 2018 20:10

Looking very good indeed!

lancelot link 7th August 2018 20:51

Some progress pictures from Dale.......

This is vitesse based with engine in stock position ..extended gear shifter is clearly visible in the cockpit picture ...

Dale j 27th February 2019 17:41

Just a up date on my car
5 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by lancelot link (Post 96334)

some progress pictures from dale.......

this is vitesse based with engine in stock position ..extended gear shifter is clearly visible in the cockpit picture ...

Attachment 5877

Attachment 5878

Attachment 5879

Attachment 5880

Attachment 5881

Dale j 28th February 2019 12:44

2 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by Dale j (Post 99346)

Just up date there will be no centre consul. all switches will be on the dash and a key start, Attachment 5889

Attachment 5890

lancelot link 28th February 2019 13:18

NICE PROGRESS DALE...Keep it up !!!

Dale j 28th February 2019 13:49

Thank Gary . the transmission tunnel fitted ok with a cut or two. it will be covered in leather like the rest of the inside of the car , no metalwork showing ?

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