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Drummajor 16th February 2018 20:44

Law change regarding kit cars?
I have heard , rightly or wrongly, that in May this year the law is changing regarding the registration and taxation of kit cars.
Has anyone else heard this? Is it even true?
Would kinda like to know before I start another build.

Nostromo 16th February 2018 20:59

Whats the change?

lancelot link 16th February 2018 22:13

lots of changes to modified cars coming in May , some good , some not ...its been covered on here somewhere already and nearly every other forum ...I will look for a link ...

Paul L 16th February 2018 22:39

There has been a lot of crossed wires about what is and isn't happening.

But here are a couple of threads to start the ball rolling:

Hope that helps, Paul. :)

Tribute "body kits" appear to be safe at the moment. < Touch wood >

Lucky@LeMans 17th February 2018 18:36

My understanding is that it mostly revolves around incorrectly registered kit cars eg Cobra replica that is still registered as a Jaguar or a Lotus 7 replica registered as a Ford Escort etc etc. The MOT tester will want to see that what he is testing is the car as registered on the V5.

Also touches on cars with modified chassis which should have been sent through the IVA test but haven't been. ( I don't know if your average MOT tester will know a modified chassis from a standard one unless its a bit extreme! )

Emissions for new builds going through IVA is being looked at but I don't know what the definitive requirements are, all I've seen so far are proposals.

At the moment rebodied cars on an unmodified chassis are exempt from any additional inspection.

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