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mike joiner 29th August 2013 19:28

IVA test big thanks
So today was the day that we all aspire for and dread in equal amounts.
Set out 2 hours early with trilor for 45 minute drive due at 8.00 AM but may as well go as did not get any sleep, hay ho.So 4 hours later I am offered a pass if
I can get a few simple bits done before 4.00 PM so a slightly less relaxed
trip home and back and a pass is granted.
All I can say is thanks to all on this site as without your help and others lessons
I could not have got to this result.
Thanks to one & all

limpabit 29th August 2013 19:52

Well done Mike.

How about posting some pictures? What engine have you git?

MadDogMoggy 3rd September 2013 14:19

Well done Mike.

Just the wait now to get it registered!

SDMC001 4th September 2013 18:11


Well done, its a great feeling getting that piece of paper.

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