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IanA 4th February 2020 20:55


Originally Posted by Mick O'Malley (Post 103417)
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]... home made wooden ramps, which don't skid along the ground like metal ones... /FONT]

They don't fold up and collapse either.
Don't like that overhang though, mine are solid all the way.
Good luck tracking down the dribble.

Mister Towed 5th February 2020 06:13

Probably teaching you to suck eggs, but try winding PTFE tape around the threads on both when you put them back in. That usually works for me.

oxford1360 5th February 2020 09:24


Mick O'Malley 7th March 2020 06:46

At last...
Firstly, thanks for all the advice. When I removed the adaptor plug and sender the PTFE tape I'd used was very stringy which I'm supposing was due to the heat - on a hot day the oil temp. gauge shows 60-70°C. I think the leak was due partly to this and partly the thinning of the oil which was due a mileage change. Anyway, I made sure everything was super clean and reassembled with PTFE.

Yesterday was the first opportunity I've had to go for a blast and on return, with water at 75°C and oil 60°C, the plug area was dry :).

Its MOT is due on the 29th so next job is the annual handbrake fettling. I remove the drums, emery the swept surfaces, adjust the shoes, and make sure that the cables etc. are greased. Even with this attention immediately before the test it barely scrapes through. I think I'll advertise it again at Easter (Ebay classified) and hope that it's third time lucky. If it sells I'll be down to three cars from five this time last year. I think I have 'Car Owner Virus'...

Regards, Mick

Paul L 7th March 2020 06:53

Congratulations on fixing the problem. :cool:


Originally Posted by Mick O'Malley (Post 103643)
...I think I have 'Car Owner Virus'...


Well played. :icon_wink:

Mick O'Malley 19th June 2020 07:32


Originally Posted by Mick O'Malley (Post 96628)

There's a paddock of sorts on the site where cars can be offered for sale, usually at grossly inflated prices. The only kit car there this year was a Marina based Teal, nicely done but £30k? What a joker![/url

Regards, Mick

It's £40k now

Regards, Mick

Mister Towed 19th June 2020 07:41

I was once given this advice by a business guru about marketing artworks - keep doubling the price until it sells.

Someone with deep pockets will probably buy it when it reaches £80k.

Mick O'Malley 10th August 2020 06:58

Wow! A motoring event...
Yesterday's sortie in the A352 was to the Classics Day at The Cotswold Wildlife Park at Burford. If memory serves, this is the first motoring event I've attended this year. I've been attending this event since the first one in '91 when the organiser hoped to get 100 Specials - he 'only' got 99. One of my favourites from the 90s was the visually uninspiring but historically important Austin Seven based Lotus Mk2, the earliest survivor of ACBC's creations.

It's about 40 miles from home but the destination lends itself to a very scenic cross country route. The A352 behaved itself impeccably although I noticed that my oil temperature gauge has packed up, investigation required. On arrival I was directed to the not so special parking area away from the retro gems, amongst which some cheeky monkey had parked an inappropriate Q reg. Nova. Naughty, and not worth a picture.

I'd seen nearly everything on display in previous years with the exception of this glorious racing Tornado Talisman in not quite Ecurie Ecosse blue.

Its pristine engine bay sported a pre-crossflow Ford mill on twin sidedraughts, proper eye candy.

A really good day out at long last!

Regards, Mick

Mick O'Malley 13th August 2020 05:54

Strange Days.
Back in March, I had just given the A352 the once over for its MOT when, on the 25th, came the announcement of the six month moratorium. As quarantining (I loath the Yankspeak 'L' word) had begun nine days earlier, like the good citizen that I am, I decided to not press ahead.

Fast forward to yesterday when I logged on to the DVLA site with my V11Z to hand to 'tax' the beast. WTF? I can't do it unless I declare it to be MOT exempt? A little investigation revealed that the moratorium wasn't effective until 30 March, my due date being the 29th. Silly me, learning four and a bit months late that I'd passed up on my 15 day infection spreading window. Why have one date when you can have three?

Anyway, armed with the knowledge that I needed a test, (and that I'd been here there and everywhere without one) I got on the blower to my ever helpful test station who said "Bring it down now (0845), leave it, and we'll do it today". Brilliant, except that the forecast showed a high percentage chance of heavy showers PM. I took my reading glasses and (recommendation alert) China Mieville's award winning 'Kraken' with me, explained my weather concerns to the boss, parked on the verge opposite in the blazing heat and read for about an hour when said boss took pity and told me to come back at 1230 prompt. On punctual return a new (to me, and very complimentary) tester did the honours straight away and I'm now legal.

Moral of the story? Read the small print!

Regards, Mick

froggyman 13th August 2020 11:29

Well done, legal again for 12 months.
Most of us only read the small print or instructions when all goes wrong!!!!

Mick O'Malley 16th September 2020 11:18

T35 & D-Type Evocations

Originally Posted by Mick O'Malley (Post 104535)

It's £40k now

Regards, Mick

In last week's Classic Car Weekly there is similar for sale for only £16,750. It's described as 'Ally bodied', 'Front Engine' and 'The only one of its kind'. Its plate is visible in the thumbnail and DVLA has it as a Marina Buggatti (sic) Rep, tested to 17.12.20. Seems a snip, as it has those eight flat spoked wheels and is a correct-ish blue.

On the 15th of August I received an e-mail asking if the A352 had sold. My reply to the negative (including a comprehensive whinge re. being jerked around ad nauseum) elicited a request the next day for more info./pictures which I provided by return, i.e. a month ago today. Nothing heard since. A trawl back through last year's queries revealed that this guy had been in touch then and had been waiting on the sale of his T35 Evocation for 'D-Type' funds...

Last Saturday a similar request arrived, from La Belle France, to which I simply relied 'Oui'. Today Monsieur requested pictures+video with engine running which, I've sent.

Will I be holding my breath? Yeah, right.

Regatfs, Mick

Lucky@LeMans 16th September 2020 20:33

Was it this one Mick, it was ended early on ebay a week or so back.

If it was the one and it did sell, it might be a genuine enquiry, perhaps !

The car did look the part, it wasn't a Teal but a hand made from scratch example.

Mick O'Malley 28th September 2020 10:00

Having been messing about with old British car engines for well over five decades, I thought I could fix about anything. However, I'm now completely stumped :(.

On my way back from the Specials Day on 10 August I was a few miles from home, the car having run perfectly, when there was a sudden loss of power. Gentle use of the throttle enabled me to get home, but it felt as though I only had about 500cc under the bonnet. My first checks were on the ignition system, but the points were gapped correctly; the pip in the cap was secure and its spring functioning; the leads were all secure both ends; the coil connections firm. Next port of call was the in line fuel filter, checked out OK. Disconnected the fuel feed at the carb's, ignition and fuel pump on - gusher! Right, I thought, it has to be the pesky Strombergs, AKA carb's from hell. Bought new air filters, fitted same, no different. Removed carb's (I can do this blindfold now), dismantled them and reassembled after yet more cleaning of pistons, checking components, lubing linkages and cables etc. and resetting as per book. No different.

This weekend I went through the whole rigmarole yet again. No different. The symptoms are: on starting, it performs perfectly for two or three hundred yards then reverts to 500cc mode. Despair.

What say you?

Regards, Mick

IanA 28th September 2020 10:20

Hi Mick- I know how you feel. I was having ignition problems when I revived my Fury (Ford crossflow). Having tried all the usual suspects I ditched the points distributor (an Aldon special) and went electronic. I once had a problem on another crossflow where the points would stay open when warmed up. Cooled down they worked again for a while. When you are in limp mode- are all plugs firing? I have a nifty device that you touch against a lead- it's neon flashes if the lead is live. Could also check exhaust manifold heat- does a drip of oil on each pipe evaporate at the same rate. Does disconnectiing each pair of plug leads (per carb) make any difference- just in case the diaphragm on one carb has a hole.

oxford1360 28th September 2020 10:21

Morning Mick, I would suspect the coil. Do you have one you can swap in? As you probably know, if they are on their way out they can become eratic when they get warm. Makes it difficult to diagnose because everything is honky dory when the engine starts.

Mick O'Malley 8th October 2020 07:31


Originally Posted by oxford1360 (Post 105238)
Morning Mick, I would suspect the coil. Do you have one you can swap in? As you probably know, if they are on their way out they can become erratic when they get warm. Makes it difficult to diagnose because everything is hunky dory when the engine starts.

Yesterday, at last, the weather gods smiled on me. I'd changed the coil for a known good one (borrowed from the Monaco) last week. I'd immediately tried to start her, but the noise from the electric pump indicated that it would need priming - it does this when the level in the tank is very low. Tried syphoning from the Micra but no joy. I couldn't be fagged to uncover the Lotus and syphon from it so I went and got five litres in a can. Poured it in, primed the pump, disconnected the feed at the carbs, switched on - gusher! After all the palaver I couldn't face the possibility of failure so I covered her back over.

Anyway, back to yesterday. Refreshed from a quick blast in the Lotus I was full of hope for a result. Stupid boy! No change :(.

I'll try the condenser next, but how I feel at the moment I'm tempted to put her on eBay auction 'Spares or Repair' if I don't get a result.

Regards, Mick

Lucky@LeMans 8th October 2020 08:47

Don't give up Mick ! It will be something simple, condenser is quite likely. You've checked the basics to look for a spark etc ?

Mick O'Malley 18th October 2020 06:40

It's A Mystery
Tried a known good condenser - no change.

Tried a known good coil to distributor lead - no change.

Can't think of anything else it could be? Where can I buy some anti-gremlin spray?

Regards, Mick

Lucky@LeMans 18th October 2020 09:06

I know you checked the fuel pump but for how long ? If it runs ok but for a short distance perhaps the pump isn't keeping up ?

IanA 18th October 2020 14:46

I had a similar problem once caused by a blocked fuel line. On my Lotus Seven S1 I had a tank made with a reserve section. Some Red Hermetite that I'd used to seal the outlets had got into the tank. It would run for a varying number of miles before stopping. It made journeys of any distance a bit frustrating. I fitted mesh filters over the pickup pipes as to remove the tank would have meant back axle and roll cage out. That worked OK. When in limp mode- does the fuel pump still deliver a gusher? When I was refurbing my Fury, there were bits of rust floating around in the fuel tank. After I'd swilled them out, I dropped a few neodymium magnets into the tank before refitting the sender unit. Even if rust particles form, the magnets will catch them hopefully before they clog the pump or filter.

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