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smash 15th January 2020 14:27

Classic Coachworks announced on the Tribute Facebook Group last week I think it was.

Concentrating on new car launch which is not a replica but has a good DB Zagato flavour and is looking good.

Jaguartvr 16th January 2020 18:06

Surely it's not true, don't do faeces book so can't check.
The 250swb is the best Tribute kit by far,

Lucky@LeMans 16th January 2020 20:50

Moving with the times, new products coming online etc. You wouldn't want all your eggs in one basket so to speak. I think its a case of onwards and upwards, Tribute have got to be one of the most prolific kit suppliers out there !

molleur 16th January 2020 21:05

With many time and money saving features as far as I can tell.
Well done Tribute.

DaveP 16th January 2020 21:06

I’m looking forward to new models.

I did like the SWB but only the Cali. If it is the case then anyone with one now has had a boost in value.

Onwards and upwards agreed.

Dave :)

Jaguartvr 17th January 2020 11:30

Classic Coachworks still seem to be offering the same cars with different names, makes sense, taking a step back from a replica name.

Just make sure you don't badge them or remove the badges as Smash is doing. If you put a genuine manufactures badge on a replica you are asking for trouble. The manufacturer will have spent many years and many millions of pounds on his name and badging so you have to understand why they would be pissed off.
However trying to copyright a design that is 60 years old and not badged or an exact copy, I think would be impossible to enforce.
There are many other replica manufacturers that I know off who make replicas with the same original name and using original badging. These have been trading for many years and do not seem to have a problem.

lancelot link 18th January 2020 14:04

You have to tread very carefully with Ferrari .... This isn't a new subject. They do keep an eye on what's going on and are passionate about their brand .
You say it's difficult to enforce a 60 year old copyright .. Well they went to court to get the 250 GTO registered as art . The design has been recognised as a piece of art and that gives more clout to Ferrari to go after people for art forgery and the heavier penalties resulting from it. Now , they may choose to never pursue it but they are happy to let the world know this fact and that it bothers them enough to go through the legal process ..... I can think of better people to have an argument with !!

Lucky@LeMans 18th January 2020 17:09

A lot of these issues seem to stem from the use of badges and using the name in an advert description, whether its a manufacturer or sometimes by a private owner.

Whilst there are some extremely well executed, like for like replica's out there, none of our cars are in that league.
In most cases the proportions of our cars aren't right, too short, too tall etc. The running gear isn't right, Ford, BMW, Mazda etc.
For the most part our cars are a long way off in just about every area.

If you can avoid the temptation to put on inappropriate badges and avoid certain words when you come to sell I would like to think you'll be ok.

DaveP 18th January 2020 20:58

Given of us are not party to any discussions on this I think it is safe to assume that we avoid anything that raise any opportunities for litigation from any manufacturer including the F people.

It is also easier for a builder to plead some form of ignorance than anyone with a commercial venture that has a direct affect on the livelihood of members of that company. If any maker of a kit or their related companies have a risk of commercial proceedings I would not be surprised if they ceased to produce or supply such items.

Good luck to anyone in this part of the hobby / industry as creating anything that keeps old style automotive designs alive is open to scrutiny and comment.

I will stick to my Kobra with the head scratcher badge as no-one is threatened by what I have.

Good luck all. We might be the last generation that produces unique cars. We need to band together to protect ourselves best we can or ...

We are all doomed !

Stupid boy Dave

Back to Scott’s hijacked thread ...

Lucky@LeMans 19th January 2020 11:11

.. (Good luck all. We might be the last generation that produces unique cars. We need to band together to protect ourselves best we can or ...

We are all doomed !)

Things will be changing over the next 20 years or so, if the ill informed Government making poorly thought out decisions continues. Our only hope is to push how environmentally friendly our cars are by the fact that they are recycled and we only use them infrequently!

landmannnn 21st January 2020 10:58

Whilst I do not support Brexit, the lack of Brussels imposed laws will help. Especially looking at the very restricted modifications allowed in mainland Europe.

Jaguartvr 21st January 2020 19:40

I =may be wrong (very probably) but I thought the 40 year MOT exemption was an EU directive.

Barber 23rd January 2020 09:43

Scott, the car is fabulous and I can see why you took it when the opportunity arose. Enjoy!

landmannnn 24th January 2020 22:29


Originally Posted by Jaguartvr (Post 103280)
I =may be wrong (very probably) but I thought the 40 year MOT exemption was an EU directive.

I think the 1960 cut off was EU, the UK only have gone one stage further with the 40 year bit.

If you remember the EU were trying to harmonise the 4 plus 2 MOT, which got rejected in the UK.

For some reason NI is different.

smash 25th January 2020 04:56


Originally Posted by Barber (Post 103295)
Scott, the car is fabulous and I can see why you took it when the opportunity arose. Enjoy!

Thanks mate - it'll be going over to Laon Historic tail end of May hopefully with full interior conversion having been completed.

smash 5th February 2020 04:44

Car back from Jeff's and looks superb - he's done an amazing job but suspect he'll never want to see it again lol!

In case youre wondering why the front clip was repainted it was the cars been on the road a couple of years and the grp had settled plus the usual pulls on the small bonnet. The car deserved it. Grassbank scuttle really makes a big difference.

Interior next...

jones 5th February 2020 06:51


smash 5th February 2020 18:41

1 Attachment(s)
Only a couple Jeff sent - I didn't take any before I left and it got pretty wet and dirty on way home. Clean this weekend and get some shots.

jones 5th February 2020 19:22

Thanks for the picture

Smash you must be really pleased, that looks great make q big difference to the look.

smash 7th February 2020 12:31

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Yes thrilled with it. Was a bit of a ball ache for Jeff - arrived jntrimmed and grp was covered in pinholes but he's done the business.

New steering wheel arrived today too. Gorgeous.

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