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kather 17th March 2014 05:40

who is invented first car?
hi iam kather i have attended a interview managers asked 3 questions this is the last question but cant able to tell any guess answer also because i have idea about the cars. so if any body know about the details kindly suggest me.

redratbike 17th March 2014 10:37

The first car to run on petrol was made in 1885 by the German engineer Karl Benz.
but there were steam cars before that

kather 20th March 2014 03:38

thanks for answer but i need invented first car

oxford1360 20th March 2014 11:10

The car is a derivation of a carriage, which is derived from a cart..........

I would say it would be open to mass argument to identify an individual.....

As "rat" says, Karl Benz is credited with creating a vehicle with the features that we might identify as a car. That's about as good as you will get.

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