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Plastic Porsche 29th July 2014 20:21


If you look on the web page you will be able to see a newly built 250 sub, I wouldn't like to ask how much it was, but they might sell grilles etc to make the tribute model look more authentic

Plastic Porsche 29th July 2014 20:22

That should be 250 SWB

redratbike 29th July 2014 22:17


Originally Posted by y cymro (Post 57981)
No there aren't. Replica means exact copy.

ok lookalikeys ha ha

Egdik 31st July 2014 13:58

Geoff's 250SWB build
More out of curiosity than conviction I found out the cost of 275GTB headlight perspex and metal edge strips to be £1051.20.
Seeking alternatives now.

zagmad 31st July 2014 18:15

Alfa spyder headlight cover duetto. Any good . Gtb is that the one with long nose or the one that looks like an swb but with a bigish boot. Gte?

Egdik 31st July 2014 22:57

Here is a 275GTB.
1 Attachment(s)
The bodywork is very similar on the GTB2 and the GTB4.
The Alfa ones are not close enough.

Tribute Automotive 6th August 2014 19:57

More Progress
Sorry for the delay in posting, progress has been in fits and starts due to large volume of kit orders. With the Donnington Show looming it's full steam ahead.

Front end now filled and sanded

Flanged for splash moulds

Horrible gel colours for splash moulds

Panels out, trimmed and placed on our engineless workshop Z3. Just a touch too long!

Not a bad fit with a little trimming around the windscreen

The stripped out base car that the panels are sat on is riding about 2.5" too high, even with an old Rover V8 chucked in the engine bay:

A little lowering makes a big difference

More progress soon.

garyh 6th August 2014 20:02

Very sleek.

Hammy 6th August 2014 20:37

Looks great Chris

zagmad 6th August 2014 21:17

Think I'll take my tape measure. Looks good for proportions on the wings ;-). Well worthy the wait Geoff.

Plastic Porsche 6th August 2014 21:38

looking good
Very sleek Chris, how much is it lowered

Scottie22 6th August 2014 21:44

It looks really cool, if it were mine I'd have it down even lower!

y cymro 6th August 2014 22:04

That looks really great chaps. Even better than I'd hoped it would.
I like the 'old' Rover motor too - is that the twin plenum version?

Tribute Automotive 7th August 2014 20:57

Now we know how the front end is going to fit, in relation to the doors and windscreen, we were happy to properly position the rear end and widen the rear arches to cover the tyres

The roof was also split and widened to match the Z3 windscreen

Picked up some nice old Jag bolt on wires from ebay, should look the part

garyh 7th August 2014 21:01

Looking fat, in a good way.

Tribute Automotive 7th August 2014 21:08


Originally Posted by Plastic Porsche (Post 58268)
Very sleek Chris, how much is it lowered

The lowered picture is only Photoshopped. The red Z3 the panels are currently on is not the car they will be finally fitted to. As these panels are the intermediate buck from which the final mould will be taken, for the Z3 kit, they will not be fitted to Geoff's base car. Geoff will be getting the first production kit. The buck panels will be fitted to this 2.8 which will be my daily driver:

Got to love the amusing reg number!

casamolino 8th August 2014 04:32

Roll on Donington , better arrive early to beat the crowd at the Tribute Stand :icon_biggrin: Geoff .

mike.gamble 8th August 2014 11:48

This is starting to look very good!

IanA 8th August 2014 13:00


Originally Posted by Tribute Automotive (Post 58291)
Picked up some nice old Jag bolt on wires from ebay, should look the part

Wow- they even have an authentic Dunlop SP Sport tread pattern.

Danny_HUFC 8th August 2014 19:22

They look familiar! I bought mine off ebay off a guy who didn't know what they came off....

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