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Mister Towed 9th January 2014 15:43


Originally Posted by Scottie22 (Post 50524)
Very nice! Wonder where Chris got his inspiration from...........

Oh dear, don't start that again.

With Tribute's history with B*nt*y I think the purveyors of expensive gentlemens' (and footballers') carriages paying attention to Chris's current work could cause a few, erm, issues... :rant:

Don't mention the litigation. I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it.

Scottie22 9th January 2014 15:47

Litigation, is that a new kit car or something?

WorldClassAccident 9th January 2014 15:57

nothing to see here

Tribute Automotive 9th January 2014 17:42

Scottie, please remove the B*ntl*y pictures ASAP. Thank you.

zagmad 9th January 2014 19:20

:drum: :peep: :tea: er at this stage could i ask what people think of the lancia aurelia coupe. period gt car. and in fibreglass the shell would last longer than the original :-) if I knew how to upload pics id show you a racy red number but I don't. Sorry Chris, couldn't help it, but they look so nice. would work well off the kobra kit front and a shortened back end of the 250 swb.

zagmad 9th January 2014 19:28

:lol: don't worry didn't mention b$%£ly or mer"£!des or ro$%s ro&ce gt cars.

zagmad 9th January 2014 19:31

also known as a lancia aurelia b20

Mister Towed 9th January 2014 19:56


Originally Posted by zagmad (Post 50545)
also known as a lancia aurelia b20

Did someone say Lancia replica?

So far so no contact from the Cosa Nostra. :twitch:

Scottie22 9th January 2014 19:57

Give it time..............

zagmad 9th January 2014 20:20

:pop2: well with my hunt for cars that would work well off the 250 kit I came across the lancia aurelia. Chris thought it looked like a certain car that is no more or mentioned above should I say. its a bit like lancia's version of db cars. a mix of db4 and db6 and a riley elf/alfa front end.

y cymro 9th January 2014 23:24

Lancia B20
Lancia B20. Good enough for Tin Tin, good enough for me:

and reputedly Bracco's Mille Miglia car complete with a roof chop

Do you think you can put the chopped version over a Z3 Chris?

zagmad 10th January 2014 07:33

the wing itself sits quite high above the arch so might be able to raise the fibreglass shell to give the lowered screen look. but would also have to raise the points where the bmw bonnet pivots from to get clearance. the roof on these is also quite high so that would also help to balance that out. giving you the simon cowell affect. its got quite short overhang at the front and back so less material required . some steels with caps would look nice.

Mister Towed 10th January 2014 07:35

That's pretty. I'd be interested in one of those on modern mechanicals to use as a tow car for my Spyder. :becky:

zagmad 10th January 2014 07:48

:juggle: :bolt: :washing: :bolt: :typing: possible use of a classic mini front end stretch the bonnet. borrow an elf bonnet and gives the 3d grill look in the middle. no bulges on the back wing so keeps the line simple. ive got some fibreglass bumpers coming so they could be molded from to give the v shape in them. with the bm flip front would be good access to windscreen and mechanicals . herald or gt6 possibly. gt6 convertible?just ideas

WorldClassAccident 10th January 2014 08:24

BMW Z3 has a conventional bonnet. Also look how far down the sides of the wings the bonnet comes.

I would suggest a different base car, partly because of the bonnet but mainly because we are going to run out of decent 2nd hand Z3s at this rate!

zagmad 10th January 2014 08:43

gt6. herald? mid engined toyota :-)

zagmad 10th January 2014 08:44

mx5 mk1,2

zagmad 10th January 2014 08:54

raise the piston holder up and back on a new plate or frame across engine. these are just ideas purely, rattling around in my brain. the b20 probably wont be made just like the shape and lends itself to the other shape cars of that period. could appeal to someone that has lost a lancia to rust along the way as they were known for bio degrading on the forcourts

zagmad 10th January 2014 09:03

:eusa_clap: :bounce: the 250,swb,kobra,amz,masser 300s are all legends and tribute are doing a great job of allowing people to appreciate them again and on cars that are reliable and handle well at the same time. I don't think it gets better than that really. 2 seater car that handles, well looks awesome,sounds awesome,sitting in your drive way ready to be used every day.

y cymro 11th January 2014 00:28


Originally Posted by Mister Towed (Post 50567)
That's pretty. I'd be interested in one of those on modern mechanicals to use as a tow car for my Spyder. :becky:

That would be a great sight.

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