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Lucky@LeMans 29th March 2021 20:15

Is it me but there are no photos showing on this thread ?

molleur 29th March 2021 23:04

Works okay for me

oxford1360 30th March 2021 07:50


Originally Posted by Lucky@LeMans (Post 106225)
Is it me but there are no photos showing on this thread ?

I have the same problem. All other threads are fine, just not this one.

kon 30th March 2021 08:25

Working fine for me too. How odd.

TheLaughingCow 30th March 2021 17:27

I'm using the sites own picture hosting tool...

TheLaughingCow 30th March 2021 17:29

Let's try this one!

molleur 30th March 2021 17:58

looks amazing!

Lucky@LeMans 30th March 2021 20:33


Originally Posted by TheLaughingCow (Post 106232)

Nothing this end !

TheLaughingCow 31st March 2021 11:36

Very odd, must be something to do with the way the pictures are hosted, can you see pics if you go to the community tab/photos?

TheLaughingCow 31st March 2021 11:42


Originally Posted by jones (Post 106220)
Looking good, did you recover the seats?

I ended up using a nylon brush on a drill with a steamer to strip all the leather back, then recoated them with leather paint in a hvlp spray gun, really pleased with them, but long term I'm planning on getting leather bucket seats

molleur 31st March 2021 13:08

good job with the seats!

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