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TheLaughingCow 21st November 2013 01:24

N/S outer sill removed ( not for the faint hearted)

TheLaughingCow 21st November 2013 01:27
floor / inner sill repair in place

TheLaughingCow 21st November 2013 01:29
inner sill repair

TheLaughingCow 21st November 2013 01:29

TheLaughingCow 21st November 2013 01:32
new out sill on

TheLaughingCow 21st November 2013 02:05

other side, not as bad more rot further up the wing than the n/s

TheLaughingCow 21st November 2013 02:06

[IMG]<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo DSC_0224_zps602570c9.jpg"/></a>[/IMG]

TheLaughingCow 21st November 2013 02:06

TheLaughingCow 21st November 2013 02:09

so.... off for MOT in the morning, thought i'd get a fresh test done before i strip the donor just in case it expires before i finish the build, will make test driving a lot more legit!

I have a buyer for the roof, i also won a auction for some 16" alloys that i'm pretty sure will fit and look spot on.

will report back later with MOT status and some wheel pics

TheLaughingCow 22nd November 2013 04:17

Collected my wheels today

TheLaughingCow 22nd November 2013 04:20

Car failed MOT on corrosion near the front subframe/ chassis rail, I'll be cutting it out / welding it up this morning then back to mr MOT for a retest.

happy days

Drummajor 22nd November 2013 07:20

I like the wheels, good luck with the mot.

seanick 22nd November 2013 18:37

Well at least he didn't spot the welding on the sills :eusa_eh:

Wheely nice wheels though:smile:

Tribute Automotive 22nd November 2013 19:23

Fingers crossed for the MOT. Those wheels look great. Bargain?

TheLaughingCow 27th November 2013 09:39

YES, car went straight through the MOT, i did find a tiny more rot at the front chassis rails that i sorted just before the MOT, the mot guy found it hilarious that it was still warm when he had it on the ramp! i managed to not burn any interior bits which i think is a first for me!

other than drooling over the wheels

i've been rolling the rear arches out, scraping off underseal in preparation for waxoyling the chassis inside and out at the weekend.

TheLaughingCow 27th November 2013 09:41

i do however need some wheel advice as i'm not 100% these wheels will work

the wheels set me back 220, new in the box! they are 16" 8" wide offset is ET20, multifit 4x100 and 4x114 (i think).

I know the rears will probably need spacers to get the stance right, i'm worried that the offset may cause problems at the front, will they stick out further than the kit? if they need to be spaced to clear the suspension how much?

going to test fit a wheel (without tyre) this morning to try and establish if they'll be ok

has any one used this wheel size? if so what tyres to put on them?

ive seen mx5's with 16's running low profile tyres, i want a bigger tyre wall and will happilly suffer the speedo inaccuracy that may bring but i don't want to ruin the cars handling, which the 16's may have already compromised.

so many questions!

TheLaughingCow 28th November 2013 07:54

front wheels look like they have clearance for the spring, they do stick out a good 2" from the mx-5 wing, i guess i won't know for sure until i have the kit.

i've listed both original sets of wheels on ebay, they could be potential sold by the weekend. so i need to get these wheels sorted sooner - just to allow me to move the car about!

landmannnn 29th November 2013 10:14

ET20 for 8" rims is about right with 50mm spacers on the rear and none on the front. You can always add some thin spacers at a later date if you want a wider stance, 5mm spacers are only 7 for a pair so fairly easy by trial and error to get what you like.

As for tyre sizes about 24" diameter seems right, you will have to play with a tyre calculator online to find the appropriate tyre size for your wheels.

If you have a search through the threads like this one you will see what others have done

TheLaughingCow 29th November 2013 10:59


very helpful thread

Tribute Automotive 30th November 2013 21:28

Your kit is the next in line, I will be in contactl this week to arrange a collection date.

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