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TheLaughingCow 16th January 2014 15:37

My job for tomorrow is to get the car ready for wrapping,

obviously that will involve removing all the bits ive been working so hard to fit! but it needs to be done to get it right first time.

I have quite a bit of some really good quality metalflake pink sparkle vinyl, left over from a nissan Juke we have just completed but i'm not sure it will bring out the best in the car!

TheLaughingCow 16th January 2014 15:55


Originally Posted by landmannnn (Post 50279)
I didn't get much from selling the spare bits off. The hood complete was the only worthwhile bit at 90. Things like the boot lid, rear lights etc I just got a few pounds each so hardly worth the hassle of posting or waiting for people to collect.

I agree that some parts are almost not worth selling, now that tribute make a 1 piece front end the wings can also be sold, .... i guess every little helps!

most were sold on ebay with 99p start just to clear my garage

Summary of parts sold and what they fetched,

Boot lid 4.80 :(

Soft top + tan tonneau 150 :)

Set of wheels with 3 good tyres (no centre caps) 30 :(

Set of 4 wheels with caps and good pirelli tyres 65 :l

Bonnet, Both wings, front bumper, rear bumper and all lights / headlamp motors 180 :)

Black Tonneau 38 :)

By my calculations this means the donor car set me back less than 100.

WorldClassAccident 16th January 2014 16:49

Thanks for the link to the wipers, just need to work out which size for the Z300s

Tribute Automotive 16th January 2014 20:48


Originally Posted by TheLaughingCow (Post 50923)
Update time!

Finally i managed to get a mornings work done on the MX250

The petrol tank filler is extended, The shiny aston petrol cap is for the classic mini, about 15 from huddersfield spares

it fits perfectly, requires slightly longer M4 grub screws than it is supplied with but it allows the original mx5 cap to be used inside. A modified mini fuel tank rubber is used as well so the neck can be fitted from above with countersunk screws but remain hidden under the rubber seal.

I also have a dummy filler neck which ive modifiel to allow it to fit to the original mx5 neck extension, this allows a locking mini cap to fit inside the aston cap, i'll fit this if / when someone robs my petrol!

Always love this view of the MX250 :bounce: Those light are great. Interested to see the wrap done.

landmannnn 16th January 2014 21:25

Thanks for the wiper links, will place my order, not sure about the candy pink sparkly wrap though!

TheLaughingCow 16th January 2014 22:33

I think the wiper arms I have are 10 degrees cranked right, not 15 degrees as the link above, part number u77300

Happy to help

Danny_HUFC 17th January 2014 10:21

Ive just spent a week in dubai where 99% of the worlds 'wrapped' cars are (I'm guessing) seen a nice bugati veyron with a greeny/chrome wrap, looked the part. not sure on this 1 though.....

Danny_HUFC 17th January 2014 10:23

TheLaughingCow 17th January 2014 11:17

Brilliant. I bet that cost a few quid,

decent chromes cost up to 130 a metre, so I doubt I'll be doing that! I already have the vinyl for my car but I'm keeping it under wraps - excuse the pun

Chrome looks great but is a complete b****d to fit as its prone to discoloration when used on tight curves (which the mx250 has loads of!)

Danny_HUFC 17th January 2014 13:43

Some of them looked nice on the right car but that chrome rolls in my opinion they have just made a decent car look 'tacky'. with keeping the color 'under wraps' can you at least tell us if its going to be a standard finish or matt or chrome etc?....

WorldClassAccident 17th January 2014 14:34

Chrome is Soooo last year.

Leopard print is what it is at!

TheLaughingCow 17th January 2014 18:40

Ha ha,

I can safely say it won't be leopard print, I have do have Brown snakeskin, not enough to do an mx250 fortunately!

The vinyl I have is a pearlescent colour, that's all I'm saying

Today's efforts were not quite as fruitful as I'd liked.
Decided to make sure the car was driving sweet before I started stripping it.
Basically it had developed a strange idle problem, revs going up and down. Turned out to be a bad connection where I'd repositioned the fusebox,

With that sorted I then needed to cut out the rear arch liners I'd fibreglassed in, note to self..... Smaller tyres = no rubbing

Attatched the numberplates and took it for a cautious drive to the nearest petrol station, everything went well so I planted my foot on the way back, slight rubbing at drivers rear wheel when I hit a pot hole, I shall investigate further tomorrow

TheLaughingCow 29th January 2014 13:58

After taking a good close look at the susspension components, it seems that one of my rear springs is sagging a little, due to the age of the car i thought it would be wise to replace both rear shocks and springs before i continue with the build.
i was going to invest in adjustable ride height, however i noticed all the adjustable kits lower the car from 20mm - 60mm, at their maximum adjustment, would still be 20mm lower than stock! i couldn't risk this being too low for the large wheels


I ordered standard rear shocks and standard springs

there is an excellent guide here:

includes all the pictures, torques and nut sizes for a rapid job! get your WD40 out, there will almost certainly be a rusted in bolt or 2

If you suspect dodgy suspension components, I would recomend doing this before you fit the tribute kit, the upper mounts are located deep into the boot space, even deeper once the new rear is bonded in place!
not so much a problem if you have long arms!

the highlight of this job was probably the 4 hours spent removing the drivers side lower shock bolt, as the encapsulated nut decided it was going to demote itself to a regular nut, leaving a 5mm gap to squeeze the mig welder into weld it back on!

All is complete, ride height still looks a little wonky but it has been on axle stands for a week, i will take it for a spin tomorrow and see if it settles.

scimjim 29th January 2014 15:40

WD40 is probably the least effective penetrating fluid for the job :badgrin:

I have a stripped mx5 if anyone needs good s/h bits like dampers.

TheLaughingCow 29th January 2014 15:49


Originally Posted by scimjim (Post 51468)
WD40 is probably the least effective penetrating fluid for the job :badgrin:

I have a stripped mx5 if anyone needs good s/h bits like dampers.


it was actually easy ease I used, only as it was closer,

TheLaughingCow 30th January 2014 19:24

I took the car for a brief spin yesterday, the new shocks and springs have made a massive improvement, so much so i think i'll replace the fronts in the near future as well, absolutely NO rubbing on the rear.....

today the spacers arrived from

i went for 40mm wide, i also fitted inner arch liners made from rubber sheet

the pic below shows the R/H side with spacer, the L/H side without.

big difference!

TheLaughingCow 4th February 2014 15:24

garyh 4th February 2014 19:53

Are you having cut-outs for the exhaust...

TheLaughingCow 4th February 2014 20:33

i haven't decided what route i will take for the exhaust, currently it consists of the standard mx-5 box with the tailpipe cut shorter with a 60 degree elbow clamped on to redirect the fumes!

I imagine i'll get a dual exit set up, going to try to avoid cutting out the rear end if possible,

a few people have recomended a custom exhaust shop (pipecraft) near me, i'll probably just hand the car to them and say "make it sound as good as it looks"

garyh 4th February 2014 20:51

It is a very clean look, if its gonna make a nice noise, it might be nice to see where it comes from? maybe tucked away by the rear wheels?

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