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TheLaughingCow 26th February 2014 14:12

After shed loads of Sanding and filling finally the wrapping has begun!

TheLaughingCow 26th February 2014 14:16

the colour is a pearlescent white/green, the pictures don't really show off the green effect, hopefully it'll be more apparent when it ventures out into the sunlight!

garyh 26th February 2014 14:39

Are you happy with the finish?

TheLaughingCow 26th February 2014 15:02

I'm really happy with the colour, the vinyl is a wet application vinyl, which makes it very time consuming to get right. the gelcoat took a lot of prep to get the curves right. I still ache from all the sanding!

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Tribute Automotive 26th February 2014 19:13

Looks great to me. I think white really suits the shape.

TheLaughingCow 28th February 2014 16:45

Got my mirrors wired up today (now the doors are finished)

I installed some BMW LED side repeaters into the wing mirrors to save me chopping a hole in the wing/fender sections. really pleased with them!

TheLaughingCow 28th February 2014 16:46

TheLaughingCow 28th February 2014 16:50

We've got a few customers cars over the weekend and the start of next week so Hopefully (workshop space permitting) she will be ready for the road by next weekend,

Viatron 28th February 2014 21:20

impressive work there! is it going to be all the same colour? any striping?

TheLaughingCow 1st March 2014 07:38

I think I've settled on some bright green viper stripes, with a black pin stripe at the edge, possibly some door numbers in a similar colour combo,

Stripes will add at least 20bhp I'm told!

TheLaughingCow 12th March 2014 23:16

wrap currently 90% complete, hopefully will be finished before the weekend

garyh 13th March 2014 08:19

Is this one piece? or sections... looks good.

TheLaughingCow 13th March 2014 17:50

As the vinyl only comes in 1.5m widths it's impossible to wrap an mx250 without a few joins, to keep them to a minimum the whole car was split down the middle, the main join in the centre will be under the stripe so shouldn't be noticeable, the bulbous rear arches were also done separately with a join at the sharp angle in line with the bottom of the Windows, this could have been avoided if the colour I chose was available in air release,

Tomorrow I'll get the rear screen back in and connected up and. Fit the grills,

TheLaughingCow 14th March 2014 01:18

just the skirts and the rear to finish now

TheLaughingCow 14th March 2014 01:19

Thats one fat booty!

TheLaughingCow 14th March 2014 01:19

thats the green that the stripes will be

Scottie22 14th March 2014 06:47

That looks pretty nice! I don't know much about the art of wrap, do you not have any worries that in 2 or 3 years it will start to peel at the edges?
I have heared some horror stories!

TheLaughingCow 14th March 2014 11:14

As long as th edges are sealed nicely it should be okay, if you get dirt or moisture under the edges the vinyl is ruined very quickly, we tell all our customers to bring their vehicle straight back if they find any peeling or defects, if it's sorted early its not a problem! since my insurance stipulates that the vehicle needs to be garaged this should remain presentable for a good 5 years but In all likelihood I'll probably be bored of the colour in 2 - 3 years and will 're wrap it a different colour anyway, that's the beauty of vinyl.

Don't get me wrong, it's no replacement for a good paint job but a pro paint job will set you back a couple of grand, and a lot more for pearlescent effects, this has cost me a fraction of that!

redratbike 14th March 2014 12:04

Is the air release vinyl easier to use. ??. Thinking of trying some on a motorbike fairing

Tribute Automotive 14th March 2014 20:01


Originally Posted by TheLaughingCow (Post 53388)

just the skirts and the rear to finish now

Lovely job! What stripe formation are you going for?

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